10 Most Beautiful Places Mapquest Montmartre Paris Has that you must see

Staying in a particular place for a long time is too difficult after the pandemic. It feels like we must visit some tourist destinations which are near or far, it doesn’t matter. So, we decided to do a virtual tour of Montmartre in Paris. We hope that you are all excited to know about the 10 Most Beautiful Places Mapquest Montmartre Paris Has that you must see in 2023. This tour can also be done with the Montmarte Paris Mapquest Feature available online. 

10 things to do in montmartre paris
Firstly, The question that arises in our mind is how we will be able to travel to Montmarte? Where will we stay there? What things to do in Montmarte? Where to eat, luxury or cheap accommodations in Montmartre, best hotels at an affordable rate, etc. All of your questions will be answered here. Before that, you must know the route to there.

How to find Montmarte Paris on Mapquest

  1. Start finding this place on mapquest.com officially.
  2. At the top left corner, Search for Montmarte.
  3. Hit the Directions.
  4. Choose the most accessible route which you want to follow.
  5. Pack your bags

Why should you visit Montmartre, Paris, France?

The focus of the Montmartre is the basilica of the sacred hearts of Paris, which is the place that every eye wants to see when they visit there. At Paris, there are too many places to visit when you are touring to France are coming down below.

1. Musee De Montmarte

When you are standing in front of the door of Musee de Montmarte, you’ll find two standing banners on which some history of this place is written, like about Jardins Renoir, Les Jardins Renoir Et La Vigne De Montmartre, Cafe Renoir, Renoirs Garden, and Montmartre Vineyards, etc. The museum is located in a small stone cobbled street, which gives an old authentic look. Inside this museum, you’ll find a statue of Francisque Poulbot 1879 – 1946, Who was called La Pere De Gosses and was the Co-Founder of the republic of Montmartre.
musee de montmartre

It also has a big garden in the middle of the building, which visitors can also visit. All the rooms are filled with old instruments and stuff that were used by the people of that time. You can also have a cup of tea or coffee in Cafe Renoir while visiting. It also gives a view outside of the infrastructure across the garden of fresh vegetables and fruits. Also, there is a room where their paintings of Renoir are hung on the wall with his paint brushes and colored bottle boxes with candle lamps on the table.

2. Colourful portraits at "Place du Tertre."

Place du Tertre, sit at the small hill. It is a public square famous for the beautiful easels and the artists who welcomed you here with open arms. Place du Tertre is a marvelous place and a bit crowded, decorated with beautiful easels, paintings, and canvases. The artists display their lovely art at this open art gallery, and there are various things that we can take away with us as a souvenir. This place was not like this a sit is right now. Locals tell us that this place was a famous quaint village with which farms and windmills surround. After the artistic community’s formation, this place became more popular because of artists like Maurice Utrillo, Toulouse-Lautrec, Van Gogh, and Picasso.
Place du tartre

The artists here share the places with other artists and do their work amicably with each other. The paintings are so lively. We can easily connect ourselves with the artists. It is necessary if you want to have a good painting for yourselves. You can also enjoy various other activities apart from paintings and food at restaurants and cafes. So it becomes a must to enjoy food and beautiful paintings at Place du Tertre, and definitely add this to the bucket list in your Montmartre Paris.

3. Place Dalida

buste de dalida
It is located in Montmartre Paris. Place Dalida is a tribute to the music artist named Dalida, and a big square is dedicated to the lady. Music lovers, tourists, and fans pay tribute when visiting Place Dalida at Montmartre Paris. You can find a statue of lady Dalida at this place, which came into existence on December 5, 1996.

4. Sacré-Coeur basilica

Walking around the hilly streets, crowded by people and local shops, this streets will lead you to enjoy the stunning views. As I said, the streets are pretty crowded because of the various shops where you can purchase many things like bags and dresses.

The basilica of the sacred heart of paris

When this passage ends, you can have a picturesque view of Sacre-Coeur Basilica, a milky white structure. This place is a most ancient Roman catholic church, which is very renowned after the Eiffel tower. It is said that before they came into existence, seventy-seven other proposals were entertained, and from them, the design of Paul Abadie was selected for the final call. The structure started to get constructed in 1875, and it took at least forty years to get completed, and at last it was completed in the year 1914.

5. Mapquest Saint-Pierre de Montmartre

It is another oldest churches and was built in the twelfth century. Saint-Pierre de Montmartre is a church open to all. We can visit over here at the prescribed time. In the third century, it was founded by the famous saint Denis. It was destroyed and then made again. Theodore Vacquire was an archeologist who found this place’s remains. It is said that the remains were of the temple of mars, and it gives the name Montmartre.
saint pierre de montmartre

We can witness two different sites named “Sanctum Martrium” and “Chapel of Martyrs”. This site was built in the ninth century. I got to know the harrowing story that the Saint-Denis, along with priest Eleuthera, Patron Saint of Paris, and the Diacre Rustique, was beheaded here o. n the southern side of the hill in the ninth century. This became the holiest site for the pilgrims, and the name given to this site is Saint-Denis Basilica.

When Louis VI purchased Montmartre from the monks of Saint Martin des Champs, he and his wife, Adelaide de Savoye, distributed and dedicated the eastern and western parts. The eastern part was given to the Virgin Mary, and the nuns used it, whereas the western part was given to the local parish. It is all I discovered here, as I know that this is very little. If anyone goes and visits the site, you can find more and more about this.

6. Musée de la Vie Romantique

First, this was private property and was handed over descent in the year 1982 and is known as the famous museum of Montmartre Paris. It is easy to reach this place. We can use metros to visit the sites. And if we talk about on which days it is opened or closed except Mondays, it is open every week. The exciting part is that it free to visit and you only need to pay for special exhibitions if you want to look at those art. This beautiful place is located at the bottom of the hill of Montmartre. The area situated to this site is a greenhouse, garden, and a paveyard. There are two more museums, Maison de Balzac and the Maison de Victor Hugo. After the process of reconstruction and renovation, it was again reopened in the year 1987.
musee de la vie romantique

The work of reconstruction and renovation was done under the supervision of Jacques Garcia and Anne-Marie de Brem and given the name “Musee de la Vie Romantique. The post of director was given to Daniel Marchesseau in the year 1998. And he does his job very well. He always worked for the progress of the museum as he launched various acquisitions and exhibitions. Because of his strenuous efforts, there was a significant change in the number of visitors seen. The number increased by a considerable amount. After his retirement in the year 2013, Jerome Farigoule took his place.

7. Express love at the I love you wall, "Le Mur des Je t'aime"

Le Mur des Je t’aime or the wall of love, was established by the famous calligraphist Fédéric Baron and mural artist Claire Kito in the year 2000. What makes it beautiful is the language of love. Love and only love. I love you is written on every tile. The difference is it is written in a different language. This is a love wall located in the garden square of Montmartre Paris. “I love you” is written three hundred and eleven times, and in different languages, it is estimated that it is written in nearly two hundred and fifty languages. The word I love you is written on tiles, and the measurement of the tiles are 21 by 29.7 centimeters.
Wall of love

There is a short story behind the establishment of this wall is the creator, Fredric Baron, wants to express love in a different way. He first asked his brother and then his neighbors to write love in different languages, and he got a collection of over three languages in which I Love You is written. Then the lady Claire Kito gives it a distinct look by placing it into the enamel plates. Fredric Baron also wrote a book which is published in the year 1998 named “The book of I love yous”.

8. Explore the Sinking House at Montmartre Paris

The sinking house in paris
I was amazed when I looked at the sinking house at Montmartre Paris. Being a visitor gave me a different feeling after I visited a unique sinking house. It’s an illusion, and a tricky camera click gives us a perfect image of the sinking house. A sinking house is a beautifully painted orange, which adds beauty to the place. It is located near the famous site Sacré-Coeur, so there is no need to wander here and there. If you go and visit the Sacré-Coeur, you can easily find the sinking house location. It’s best to visit this unique and different site and have an individual click on the trip to Montmartre Paris.

9. Welcome to the Dali's universe "Dalí Paris"

Dali Paris
This place is devoted to the great artist Salvador Dali, a Spanish artist famous for surrealist art. Add this place to the bucket list for the Montmartre trip. This place is known to everyone because the exhibitions are permanent here, and we can find various engravings and sculptures here. As we know, the artist Salvador is famous for his surrealist art. His three hundred original artworks are portrayed here at this place. When we come to this place, it is a very different experience. Over here, many workshops and other things are organized for children. There are two art portions at this museum one is Galerie dali here, we can see various and different lithographs, sculptures, and engravings, and another portion is known as Galerie Montmartre, which represents contemporary artists’ artwork. Finally, this place is Dali’s universe.

10. Musée National Gustave Moreau

This place is dedicated to the great artist Gustave Moreau a painter who painted symbolic paintings. We can find so many paintings, drawings, and sculptures made by Gustave Moreau. This place is divided into three floors, and the first floor is a personal property of the Moreau family. This floor has one dining room, hallway, and bedroom library, and all are well maintained. The four rooms are dedicated to the Italian artist where the artwork like drawings and sketches made by them are decorated. Here we can find twelve hundred paintings that are unfinished, and around four thousand eight hundred thirty paintings are kept here.
Musee national gustave moreau

Moreau drew these. Among them, there are a few famous ones, and the name are Chimera, it is also an unfinished one, Jupiter, and Semele. Small and large paintings decorate this whole place on the canvas, the painter wants to convey something from the paintings, and the beautiful staircase adds beauty as I feel that I am in some olden era. This whole different feeling gives you goosebumps sometimes, so go ahead and visit 10 Most Beautiful Places Mapquest Montmartre Paris Has that you must see in 2023. As my trip gets over here after lots of exploration at various unique and distinct sites. But all I want to convey is Go ahead and have a blasting holiday at Montmartre Paris. “Happy Journey To You”.