10 Things to Do in Mapquest Chattanooga with Kids

This time I am heading to 10 Things to Do in Mapquest Chattanooga Tennesse kids to spend my holidays from the regular hard work and everyday mess of my life. I choose this city because while having a virtual tour of this city on mapquest, I found it to be soo relaxing and calm when i had a look on the other cities of the United States of America. We had too much fun and happy hours there, We saw historical rock city gardens, Lookout mountain, Lookout mountain incline railway, Tennesse Aquarium, Ruby Falls. I and my family had amazing food, special drinks and clean and safe hotels at best prices. Let us start our journey so hold on tight and enjoy the the trip to Chattanooga with kids or else you can also go with your friends to this beautiful place. 

10 things to do in chattanooga with kids

How to find Chattanooga on Mapquest?

Follow the steps below to find Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping centers, Coffe, Bathhouses, food, Driving Directions and many other things required while traveling.

  1. Open Mapquest
  2. Choose Directions from the menu
  3. Enter your current location
  4. Enter the destination
  5. Press the Get Directions button.

Through these basic steps you can find any place and the places that you must visit in any city that you are traveling, and also you can find your needs store on Mapquest by following these. Now let me begin to tell you my journey to Chattanooga with kids, you can also having fun and enjoy this place with your family, friends or as a couple.

Things to do in Chattanooga Tennessee with Kids

Visit the Chattanooga Zoo

Visit the Chattanooga Zoo
This place is too enjoyable for the kids. We gained to much knowledge about animals and watched beautiful birds. A zoo is always a place of silence and birds twittering, and We saw birds that we hadn’t before. Spent some time at the Cafe, and had some sandwiches and coffee which were that good but it was better than having nothing in a lone place.
Things the zoo had
Here you can find Camel Rides called Camel Encounter, Train Tours inside the Zoo, Reaching Great Heights where you can watch Giraffes – Patchwork Iron Giraffe Sculpture, their you can also find restrooms, Gombe Forest Cafe, Carousel, Gift Shop etc. Memorial Plaza – Cecil Ralph Cheek, Deserts and Forest of the World, Education Center, Corcovado Jungle, Rainforest Beauties and many more things.

Go hiking at Point Park

Point Park chattanooga tennessee
This park is also known as the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park, Served by the National Park Service U.S. Department of Interiors. Starting from the beginning, The main gate of this wonderful park looks like a gate of a big castle. From the top you can have a view of the beautiful Chattanooga and the big river similar to the horseshoe river in the grand canyon.

Take a boat tour of the Tennessee River

Tennessee River Chattanooga

If you are a boat travel lover then you will love the tour at the Tennessee river. Which has a long road in between to cross the river. Some houses are attached with the river and people who live there have docks for their boats which they use for fishing and taking their boat to roaming on the river. This tour was so much fun, but I don’t recommend to take this tour with your kids.

Visit the Tennessee Aquarium

Tennessee Aquarium
Visiting the aquarium is most loved by the kids. They love to watch fishes swim and other aquatic animal who live inside the water. So you must go to visit the Tennessee Aquarium when ever you visit their. On our visit, I found that this aquarium was built in a every natural way, where they have waterfalls and trees. it was too natural and amazing.

Some other stuff in Chattanooga

  1. Go rock climbing at Rock City
  2. Visit the Creative Discovery Museum
  3. Go to the Hunter Museum of American Art
  4. See a show at the Tivoli Theatre
  5. Take a walk through the Bluff View Art District

Hope this has raised some good vibes in you about visiting The 10 Things to Do in Mapquest Chattanooga with kids, family, friends or as a couple. Till then we wish you a very happy and safe journey. Enjoy your trip and have lots of fun in these small USA cities.