11 Most Beautiful Cities Spain has that you Must See in 2022

Welcome to Spain. We all need some relaxation and a break in our life, to heal our souls and body. And going on vacation is the best healing activity. So, to heal myself, I decided to go on vacation, and the destination I chose is Spain. What should I tell you about Spain? It is so beautiful. Here I will tell you the 11 Most Beautiful Cities Spain has that you Must See in 2022. Adore the history, love the past and live the history here in Spain. 

11 Most Beautiful Cities Spain has that you Must See in 2022

Spain is a dream of the past that gives you a historical ride. So tight your seat belt and get ready to start Spain’s dreamy and historic ride. The culture and tradition are of Spain is a mixture of Moorish and Christian. The art museum, Historical places are telling their own story. The Catalonian and Basque cultures of Spain are unique. And by tasting Paella, Pintox and Tortilla, you can smell the history of different ingredients. The bullfight arena is so different, and it bears up the legacy of the olden days till now. The beautiful and colourful patios will attract you to stay and adore them. In winters, to warm up ourselves, we should allow ourselves to sip Morrocan tea here in Spain. The colourful Moorish market will steal your heart and take you in the golden era. Don’t hesitate I to take you along with me on the historical and modern tour of Spain and explore the 11 Most Beautiful Cities Spain has that you Must See in 2022. Be ready for the cities I dig, and I will let you explore with me and the love I shared, I will let you share. So, here we begin.

Below Are The Amazing Cities Of Spain

1. Granada

One of the beautiful cities of Spain. What should I say about this city beauty? If you are coming to Spain, please visit these two sites of Granada, one is Alhambra, and the other is Calle Caldereria Nueva. When I started exploring this city, I found so many beautiful locations that are the reasons I recommend it in the 11 most Beautiful Cities Span has that you must see in 2022. I first visited the Alhambra. First, we need to book a ticket, don’t be slow in booking tickets for Alhambra as it is a place the tourist loves, so tickets are sold out so fast. The Alhambra is a palace and built and designed by the Muslim rulers. The architecture inside this PalacePalace is very admirable.

Every corner and every step, pillar, roof and wall with colourful mosaic designs was designed so beautifully, and the calligraphy was terrific. This Palace has several complexes, You can find these beautiful places on Mapquest Route Planner, so please be early enough to come here and explore the beauty. And here are the names of the different places we will find inside the Alhambra Palace, Nasrid palaces, Alcazaba, Palace of the lion, Hall of the two sisters, Hall of the kings Graden of the Partal, Generalife. This is the best historical site I have ever seen. If you are a tea lover enjoying Granada in chilly winters, Moroccan tea has every right to steal your time, and what are you waiting for? Sip a tasty and hot Moroccan tea. I found a Moroccan tea cafe in Calle Caldereria Nueva. It is a beautiful place, a Moorish souk, a very colourful marketplace, and we see so many souvenirs and many things over here, like bright hanging glass lamps, glass lamps, leather bags, pashmina, scarves, and wool slippers. These all material here gives us a glimpse of Morrocan art and Arab art.

2. Barcelona

Barcelona captured a unique space in my list of 11 Most Beautiful Cities Spain has that you Must See in 2022 as the city’s name gives tremendous excitement. Sandy beaches, parks, gardens, crowds, fountains, and museums are part of Barcelona. The Catalan makes this place very unique in its culture and tradition. Whatever I have experienced, seen, tasted gives me the authentic feeling of Catalan culture. Gothic quarters is the first destination of the city Barcelona, and the only thing is that you can experience history at this place. We saw the remains of a first-century temple belonging to the Romans. Archives of the crown of Aragon are where the record of the nineteenth century and other historical documents are kept. The one more place in the Gothic quarter that caught every tourist attraction is the Bisbe Bridge.
Barcelona is the largest city of Spain and the Capital of Catalonia. Yes, it is very accurate the football team Barcelona got the name of this city, and it is home to the Barcelona Football Club. La Rambla, here you have to be quite alert as this is a very chaotic place and known for pickpocketing. Well, I didn’t experience anything like that. La Boqueria is a market where you can eat a lot. It is famous for goat meat, and you can taste various delicacies. It is all about my trip to Barcelona, go and visit and explore the natural beauty of Spain.

3. Madrid

A city of Madrid that is very important for the country in terms of the country’s economy, politics, and cultural centre. Madrid is the capital of the Sapin. It is counted as the busiest city in Spain. Enjoy the art museum, parks, cuisine, monuments, fantastic landmarks and shop around as it is the best shopping destination for many of us. It is also essential to know that Madrid is one of the cities that the world’s visitors mostly visit. We headed towards the Plaza Mayor. Plaza Mayor and Puerta del sol are two plazas of spain and are very near to each other. Here at Plaza Mayor, you can see many tourists come and enjoy, they eat food, shop around, and enjoy many other activities. And the olden times, this place was used as the main market. Plaza del Arrabal is the original name of Plaza Mayor, and as time passes, it is called by different names, but now everyone knows it by Plaza Mayor. Enjoy the magnificent sunset at Madrid’s oldest building, named Temple of Debod.

It is a 2200-year-old site, very unique. Next, we visited the place named as Plaza de la Villa. This place holds something very different and unique. In the olden days Plaza De La Villa was known as Plaza de San Salvado. This place is used as a shopping centre and known as the marketplace. Casa de Cisneros, Casa de la Villa and Fountain of San Salvador are the few more monuments or places we found here in the same location of Plaza de la Villa. Casa de Cisneros, Casa de la Villa are the palaces. We have also seen the gateway to the city of Madrid, and the name of this place is Puerta de Alcala. After visiting the site, we reached the La Puerta del Sol, where we saw a statue of a bear climbing to the arbutus tree, which is the flag symbol. Then we headed towards the world largest PalacePalace, and the name of this place is the Royal Palace of Madrid, which is a residence of royal families of Spain. Now this Palace is open as a museum we can visit this place and admire the history, inside this Palace, there are lush green gardens Sabatini garden, Campo del Moro. Madrid is such a vast city to visit that I travelled to Madrid. Now I am ending my visit here.

4. Seville

Welcome to the place of narrow passages and affluent Moorish heritage. We can find everything here as this city is rich in culture, history, and art. We can experience a blend of modern and historical culture. You can explore the city by taking a ride in a hop-on-hop-off bus to Seville. They can give you an ultimate tour of the city and take you to every Seville city landmark within one hour, and this find to be very comfortable. My eyes rolled down as I saw the largest and so giant wooden sculpture. It Las Setas De Sevilla or Metropol Parasol in Spain. Anyone can get amazed by looking at the vast wooden sculpture. You can get a fantastic view of a city from here. It is pretty impressive, and this wooden sculpture is located at Plaza De La Encarnacion. After visiting this wooden sculpture, we went to the Seville Aquarium, where we saw many sea species.

This Seville Aquarium, located near the Calle Santiago Montoro. You can see the water species kept in thirty-five tanks, and this aquarium is open for all in every season. The visit to the Seville Aquarium was very knowledgeable and educational. The U.N.E.S.C.O. has three world heritage sites: Alcazar Palace, General Archive of the Indies, and Cathedral in Seville, Spain. Visit these destinations with the help of Mapquest Driving Directions. This is because it comes in 11 Most Beautiful Cities Spain has that you Must See in 2022. We headed towards the Cathedral, one of the world’s heritage sites. This vast historical building and counted as the world’s biggest Cathedral. The richness of its architecture shows the beauty and question that comes to mind how it is possible to design such a huge and vast structure in history. The interior and exterior structure is beautiful and majestic. The places inside the Cathedral are dedicated to many religious saints. Then it comes to the following heritage site that is Alcazar. It is located just opposite the Cathedral. What a beautiful place, you can see the Moorish culture inside the Alcazar. The way the building got its design is very unimaginable, and the walls are inscribed with Arabic calligraphy. The Moorish gardens and the backyard complete the beauty of Alcazar. I also visited Maria Luisa Park and took a ride on the horse cart that gave me a royal feeling, and the park is also beautiful. This completes my visit to Seville.

5. San Sebastian

San Sebastian Spain
Welcome to the pintxos trail. San Sebastian is all about Basque cuisine, beaches and history. San Sebastian, is also known as Donostia San Sebastian. Here, you can witness the Basque culture as San Sebastian is located on the coast of the Bay of Biscay, and it is a beautiful coastal city. It is only twenty kilometres away from the French border. Everywhere you can find the Pintox to eat and enjoy. Various variety with different delicacies and tastes of Pintox makes you feel relaxed as going out and tasting diverse cuisine is the best activity of the vacation. You can find Pintox in different styles and makeup of seasonal ingredients. I will tell you a few names of them: Gilda, mushroomy Pintox, Tomato pintxo, etc. They serve you fresh with local and seasonal ingredients where you find the traditional taste of Pintox and where it gives you modern with the classic blend. San Sebastian is also famous for beaches and surfing. Enjoy surfing on the waves and take a sunbathe at the beach in San Sebastian.

6. Mapquest Valencia

My next destination of 11 Most Beautiful Cities Spain has that you Must See in 2022 is Valencia. As Spain is all about history, love and cuisine, Valencia proves to be the same. First, take a picture with the letters V.L.E.N.C.I.A. and make it a memory that you have visited the city Valencia. Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain. The city is located in the south coastal areas near the two rivers meeting point, and they are the Mediterranian river and the Turia river. Though this is a very modern city, it also bears up a traditional heritage and culture.
Valencia Spain
In Valencia, Lonja de la Seda is the most famous place to visit. Lonja de la Seda was constructed in 1482 and 1533, and in 1996 UNESCO declared it a world heritage site. Lonja de la Seda monument is famous for the silk trade, and this building is used for commercial purposes or business. Lonja de la Seda was constructed and designed in Valencian Gothic style, Lonja de la Seda is divided into three parts, and the first is a beautiful orange garden, a place of peace by nature. This place is named an orange garden, and here trees are full of oranges, and the next is the main hall or Sala de Contratacion¬†where the functioning of the trade took place. This hall is also called the hall of columns. The large columns seem to be like they are holding the ceiling, and the columns are curved so nicely. The last part of Lonja de la Seda is La Lonja. It is a place where debtors merchants were imprisoned here. After visiting this site, I felt so hungry, so we ate a portion of good food and found that Paella is Valencia’s most famous cuisine.

7. Ronda

Ronda Spain

The whitewash houses, terrace restaurants, the bullring is all about Ronda. The visit is never ever going to end if you are in Spain. Feel the history and taste the distinctive flavour or delicacies. Get scenic views from the top of the cliff. Plaza de Toros de Ronda is a place where various bullfighting took place, and it’s a bull ring and a museum. The arena is so historic and beautiful. We can also enjoy the live bullfight in September, as it is a museum we can see so many art crafts that belongs to matadors. Feria Goyesca de Pedro Romero is a most scenic event that took place in the month of September people of Ronda took place in it and wore different kinds of costumes. The three bridges in Ronda is the most attractive site and are divided into three and has three different names. They are Puente Romano is also known as the Arabic bridge, and the roman bridge, Puente Viejo, known as the old bridge, Puente Nuevo. Banos Arabe is related to bath. In the olden days, the Arabs used to take a bath here, and it is an ancient bath with all the facilities. Here I ended my visit to the city of Ronda, Spain. Don’t wait to go and explore the town of a distinctive culture.

8. Santander

Santander is on the list of 11 Most Beautiful Cities Spain has that you Must See in 2022. e can see and experience the delicious delicacies, beaches and museums. Let us explore the best of the Santander. Santander is the capital of Cantabria, and it lies in northern Spain. We headed first towards the beaches, and the sand lover and the surfers can enjoy playa de la Concha and Playa de Camello. These both are the beaches of Santander, Spain. You can see many people around enjoying rock climbing, surfing and playing different games at these beaches. Next in our list of 11 Most Beautiful Cities, Spain, you Must See in 2022 is Peninsula de La Magdalena.

Then you enter inside, and you can see the map that shows you the path towards the Peninsula de la Magdalena. Trust me, and the path is so beautiful as it comprises different destinations: Paraninfo, Caballerizas Palacia de La Magdalena. Palacio de La Magdalena is a palace, and it was constructed in the years 1908 and 1912. The royal families of Spain used this PalacePalace during the summer season. Now this place Palacia de La Magdalena gained so much popularity that visitors come here all year, and several events took place at this place. Then we have chosen the Hop-on-Hop-off bus to visit the other parts of the city as it will make us visit nine different sites of the city Santander, Spain. Marine time Museum of Cantabria is also a unique place to visit. Here we can see som many things related to marine time and underwater. Here we can witness a core relationship between the maritime world and humans. Then to relax for some time, we went to the Garden of Pereda. It is the most relaxing place it is occupied by various kinds of trees and natural things, which give us an ultimate feeling of love with nature. Here my tour to Santander is stopped. I hope you will visit the place and enjoy the place.

9. Cordoba

Explore the fantastic landscape of Cordoba, Spain. This city is located in southern Spain, Andalusia. The Muslim emperors turned this place into an educational hub. And the famous personalities Ibn Rushd, also known as Averroes, wrote about many subjects like medicine, physics, psychology, mathematics, etc. Ibn Hazm is a famous Andalusian, and he is a philosopher, theologian, historian, Muslim Polymath. And Al Zahrawi was a renowned Surgeon and Chemist. These all famous personalities belong to Spain. We first headed towards the Roman Bridge of Cordoba, built across the river Guadalquivir in the first century. You can admire the city from the top sites of this bridge at the town looks so beautiful from there. The sites like the Roman bridge, Puerta del Puente, and the Calahorra tower is categorised as heritage sites of Spain.
Puerta del Puente is a gate that links the entrance to the bridge. This gate, Puerta del Puente, was constructed to commemorate King Philip II when he visited this city. And the Calahorra tower is the most significant tower of Cordoba and the building of Islamic origin. In 1931 this place was declared a national historical monument. After visiting these three national historical sites, we headed towards Madinat al Zahra’s next destination. Madinat al Zahra was a Moorish Palace. It was built in the tenth century by the first caliph of Al-Andalus Abd-Ar-Rahman III. We can see the remains of Madinat al Zahra at the site, which is telling their own story of the olden times. This city is about the history and historical monuments we can also enjoy the savoury food, historical flowery Patios and delicacies. Then we walked around the city street, we found it beautifully decorated the street, and in this series, we went to the street named K.H.L. de Las Flores, where we could see the terracotta plants with flowers hanging on the walls. So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to the city, and marvellous Spain will welcome you.

10. Toledo

Toledo Spain

Imperial city and the city of three cultures Toledo is known for these two. The city is affluent with historical and cultural heritage. Let tang with this ancient, unique and distinctive city in Toledo, Spain. In the year 1986, UNESCO considers Toledo a World Heritage Site. The city makes us feel that places here hold Spanish history, and the past welcomes us to explore and appreciate the history of the city of Toledo. Puerta de Bisagra, the city gate of Toledo, Spain, is also the main entrance to the town. And designed and architect gives us glimpses of the Moorish culture. The Castle of San Servando was built up near the Tagus River. The Castle of San Servando was used as a monastery. It was declared as National Monuments in 1874. Puente de Alcantara is an arch bridge, and the bridge has two arches, and you can see the beautiful city from here. After this, we went and hop around the city market of Toledo, Spain, where we found souvenirs, leather products and swords. Visiting someplace and purchasing their souvenirs is a lifetime memory for everyone. So come and explore Toledo and experience the history of Toledo as this whole town is a heritage.

11. Salamanca

Salamanca, Spain, is a city located in western Spain and known as the golden city. In 1988 UNESCO announced it as a world heritage site. That, I experienced here, the buildings here are constructed with local stone, which looks so authentic and gives these buildings a very historical and royal look at the same time. The love can be felt and witnessed by visiting the site The house of shell or the house of Conchillas. And this loving place was built by Mondolos to honour the love of his wife. Now this place is used as the public library. In the olden days, the roman bridge was the entrance to the city with so many arches that connect the Salamanca, the Seville town, and the Leon city and it was called the silver route.
Salamanca Spain
I can’t believe that I walked on the bridge built up in the first century, and still, that thing that exists is a bit hard to accept. Then we headed towards the square named Plaza Mayor, built in the eighteenth century, and the architecture is Baroque style, and this was constructed with sandstone called as Amador, trust me, it is terrific. Plaza Mayor is a square comprised of various shops, restaurants, apartments, and offices. The grand University of Salamanca is extraordinary and very unique.
The University Salamanca is in Salamanca, Spain and the founder of this university is King Alfonso IX. We founded this university in 1218. It is the most counted in the eldest university of the Spanish language which is still running, and students are getting educated here from all over the world. So here I ended my tour to Salamanca, Spain, and it is also in my list of 11 Most Beautiful Cities Spain has that you Must See in 2022. I hope you enjoyed it.