11 most beautiful places that Mapquest Santorini has that you must see

We all want to hop around different places to enjoy some unexpected experiences we encounter during our journey. Here we discuss 11 most beautiful places that Mapquest Santorini has that you must see in 2023. Santorini is known to be a greek paradise for many people. The white houses, beautiful beaches, and sunset at Santorini caught you and never let you go. People choose an excellent place to go and enjoy rather than taking anything negative about any location. We choose this topic because, yes, there is a need to discuss new islands which are budget friendly and loveable by everyone. 

5 alternatives and places like Santorini

New islands which are budget friendly and loveable by everyone. No doubt, Santorini is also a beautiful place to go and visit. Still, there are always options that must be given to everyone to go and see the sites like Santorini. Various locations come in other opportunities with mapquest to Santorini, but we will discuss only five of them. We look around best for ourselves and for others too. Islands are the best places to spend quality time and enjoy some relaxing moments.

Here we compare the different Santorini places and find the best and most excellent places for us to go and visit. Let us choose other options from Santorini and dive into the great history of the Greeks and their culture. The history lover must find these places incredible and exciting to explore. The first place comes in the five alternatives to Santorini is Milos. Here we discuss unique things, stay, hoping sites, superb cuisine, and culture of this particular place.

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Below Are The Amazing Cities Like Santorini

1. Roman Theatre

Roman Theatre

The Cyclades preserves the ancient Roman theatre. And still, people can go and visit the place, and this place is most popular amongst the tourist. At this old Roman theatre, it was said that nearly seven thousand people could be seated.

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2. Naxos


Naxos, Greece, is a beautiful island. When someone visits the series of islands take help from mapquest driving directions, it is like beautiful scenery painted by nature. Most people come here to enjoy the beautiful islands located in this place. Here we discuss the best things to do in Naxos, Greece. Everybody wants to know about the site before selecting the place as their destination. In Naxos, we can enjoy many things like

3. Mapquest Beautiful Beaches

The pure blue sea water cools your eyes. The beauty of the islands at mapquest Naxos, Greece, is limitless. This place has various beaches, and they are named Agia Anna, Agios Prokopios, Mikri Vigla, and Plaka. Multiple people ask the question, does Naxos have good beaches? The beautiful beaches of the Naxos, Greece, are primarily located west coast. The beautiful beaches at Naxos, Greece, are counted as the most populous and famous places. Tourists visit the site frequently. The things like shiny sand, sunbeds, and crystal blue water with a tint of tan attract everyone, and these are the reasons which give you a chance to go and enjoy the best beaches in Naxos, Greece.

4. Best Restaurants in Naxos

Best Restaurants in Naxos

If you are traveling to Greece, The one who goes out for vacation needs good food. Food! is the main reason for many people explore many places. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are essential parts of the vacation. We all want to get free from this trouble and want our plates rich with food on time. For this, we must be aware of the best restaurants in Naxos. Here are the names of many, which we will let you know they are

5. Mapquest Taverna Dalas

Taverna Dalas

it is the best place where you will find authentic Greek food. This restaurant is Located in a remote area in Naxos. The opening time of these restaurants is 7:00 a.m. and closes at midnight. After visiting this site, we can experience rural Greece.

6. Delfinaki

delfinaki restaurant in naxos

It is a place where mouth-watering food is waiting for you. It is a place where anyone can enjoy delicacies with the family. Here we are delighted with the food which gives us the taste of our home cooked food. After tasting food from here, it will become a place you want to visit again and again if you visit Naxos and search for it on mapquest for the best hotel deals. Everyone always loves the gesture of welcoming the guest, and this place gives you the same. I want to conclude with one thing, they serve the love in our plates.

7. Faros Tou Alykou

Faros Tou Alykou restaurant
This place is established in the year 1992. Honesty, homemade food, and family-friendly are other names of this place, and they achieve these titles after lots of hard work. The Naxian delicacies can be enjoyed at this restaurant. You can taste fish, octopus, and a variety of sweet dishes here. So, add this place to your list and must visit the site.

8. O Vasilis

O Vasilis naxos

After visiting the beautiful hilly villages of Naxos, my appetite increases significantly. And I was searching for a place where I could have excellent food, so we found the place called ‘O Vasilis.’ Fresh food directly from the farm is served on our plates, with fresh veggies always helping to increase the taste of the food that will be cooked for the guests. The story is the same here as they are getting food resources directly from the farms, which is why the taste gets enhanced every time. If you visit this site in the summer before visiting to find the best air-conditioned rooms in Naxos on Mapquest, you have an opportunity to enjoy food at the terrace area enjoying the sunset, and if it is winter, they will provide a place inside which is warm and gives you an immense feeling of coziness. Enjoy food at O Vasilis!

9. Paros


Paros island is full of beautiful places and sites we want to explore during our trip to Paros Island, Greece. This place is full of features that everyone needs on the trip. The historical sites, shopping sprees, tasty food, beautiful beaches, and the whitewashed village. Beaches like Kolymbithers, and Santa Maria, The photography background is so perfect at these places. The turquoise water, golden shimmery sand, and rocks give perfect picture background. So, after clicking some beautiful images, it’s time to dive into the water with safety measures, enjoy beach time, and relax. We always take care of the things when it comes to enjoying the beach area, so always have your own things which is required for you because requirement differs from person to person. We can Enjoy the luxurious hotel and restaurants at Naoussa in Paros. The luxury hotel adds a relaxing mode to your trip because after visiting so many places, we want some time to get relaxed. And Naoussa is famous for its luxury hotel and restaurants. And during the night time, especially dinner time, we can witness lots of chaos at this place because of the delicacies they serve here.

Paros in day

The tradition, culture, cuisine, and art here are knitted with the love of wool and are still stored and served to many visitors like us. Food is also an essential factor; when filled with love and affection, it adds extra taste. When it comes to memories, we always go and want to purchase the memory of that particular place. And souvenirs become essential to buy when we talk about memories. The souvenirs capture the special place in every home because they tell us the story of the trip, and every souvenir has its own memory and the story of the journey, which we discuss whenever we accumulate with our loved ones, so from now on, it becomes necessary to buy some souvenir from Naoussa.

10. Lefkes Village

Lefkes Village
This beautiful white village is just about ten kilometers away from the main island of Paros. If you want to have some spectacular views on your trip, this place will warm your heart. The pure whitewashed house relaxes your soul. You will enjoy the up and down streets of this village, and the whitewashed houses maintained with plants adds glory and beautify the place hundreds and thousands of times. The scene here is so pure and pious. Nothing is compared with this place. It has beauty and popularity, and this place is popular among every tourist visiting Paros Island. Never forget to come here and explore this whitewashed village.

11. Monastery Of Panagia Ekatondapiliani

This place is located in Parikia town of Paros Island and is known as the historical Byzantine church. It is said that the Roman emperor Constantine’s mother found her name was Saint Helen. Saint Helen has an extraordinary place in Christianity. People also visit this place as it is an exceptional and historical place. Historical sites like this have their own importance, which no one can deny. And same this Monastery of Panagia Ekatondapiliani is very historical and kept at a remarkable religious place. Historical sites always attract many people, and we want to visit such sites if we are on vacation or on a trip then these 11 most beautiful places that Mapquest Santorini has that you must see in 2023 will help more further. So, do not wait for anyone. Just add this place to your list and explore the historical site.