11 Must-Visit Instagrammable Places In Dubai

The United Arab Emirates has a city of joy, love, adventure and we called it the dazzling ‘Dubai’, Here you will find the 11 must-visit instagrammble places in Dubai with the help of Mapquest. This city is the heart of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is the dreamland for the tourist, we can also call it a city of dreamers. Everyone wants to visit this place once in their life. Dubai is becoming the fastest growing city and the largest tourist place in the United Arab Emirates in the world. What Dubai is famous for? This city is also known for the architectural buildings, the largest building designs, five stars hotels, business hub, tourism, oil, shopping spree, cuisine.

11 must visit instagrammable places in dubai

List of 11 Best and Must Visit Instagrammable Places in Dubai

  1. Dubai Miracle Garden
  2. Wings of Mexican Statue
  3. Burj Al Arab
  4. Burj Park by Emaar
  5. Dubai Mall
  6. Dubai Steel Heart
  7. Burj Khalifa
  8. Dubai Aquarium
  9. Wild Wadi Waterpark
  10. Palace Downtown
  11. Dubai Dessert

11 Best and Dazzling Instagrammable Places To Visit in Dubai

Dubai Miracle Garden – Fell the miracle of nature, here in Dubai at Dubai Miracle Garden. This place is full of beautiful flowers. They made a heart-shaped tunnel with the flowers the giant hearts are covered with flowers. Not only heart-shaped tunnel it has other sculptures also which are covered with flowers and sounds to be beautiful and colourful photo scenic view. An important point to be noted that this garden is open only from the month of October to April and close in other months, so whenever you plan to visit please check the months otherwise you can be deprived of clicking the beautiful images and can not make any Instagram post.

Wings of Mexican Statue – A beautiful artwork. Wings of Mexican Statute is located in Burj park in Dubai and it is designed by a Mexican artist. The two wings give you a feel to fly high with your dreams and explore this beautiful world. This place is very much sheer for photography. You have to climb the four five stairs and stand backing the Burj Khalifa, take an incredible shot for instagram, facebook, twitter with wings on your back and the tallest building in the world.

Burj Al Arab – The Burj Al Arab is the synonym of luxury. And the icon of Dubai luxury. This luxurious hotel is located in Dubai. It is made on an artificial island. Burj Al Arab can give you an unforgettable experience of joy and happiness. This place is famous for its hospitality they provide to their customers. This place is full of comfort and spectacular views. At Burj Al Arab you can enjoy the waterpark, the turtle rehabilitation sanctuary, and the Burj Al Arab terrace gives you an iconic view of Dubai and nature. capture every moment and make it a memorable memory forever.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Park by Emaar – It is a park that gives you an immense look of Burj Kalifa. If you want your photograph background should be perfect and finest the Burj Park by Emaar is the best place. You can also watch a beautiful fountain from this place. So go and click the best picture for your Instagram. You will find the best place of dubai in the Burj Park By Emaar like the dubai fountain, dubai mall, palace downtown, dubai ice rink , CZN Burak dubai restaurant, Souk Al Bahar, Dubai Opera and mall of dubai. This places are the must visit destinations of Dubai.

Burj Park By Emaar

Dubai Mall – One of the largest malls in the world and it is The Dubai Mall. The place welcomes you to explore its beauty and appraise it in your own words. It is one of the ideal places to click images and post on Instagram. This mall is occupied by different and assorted views, like underwater zoo and aquarium. Please go and get clicked yourself near the giant Dubai Dino. A combination of you with Dubai Dino will be a colossal click. This mall has everything for kids also as it has Kidzania for the little ones. This mall also has a wall which we called a waterfall wall where the sculpted divers are diving. It is an ideal place to get clicked.

Dubai Steel Heart РThis place is located in Dubai and a great place to get clicked yourself you and a heart, what a perfect combination. It seems a symbol of love. A large heart is made up of steel. One will look perfect with this heart, so go stand and get clicked. Use this formula for clicking the best instagrammable  images in Dubai. This heart is made of full and pure steel and gives an affectious look to your photos. It shine like something never seen before, its located near the dubai fountain and you can have BURJ KHLIFA too with the dubai steel heart in your photos.

Dubai Steel Heart

Burj Khalifa – Welcome to the Burj Khalifa, this building is one of the tallest building in the world and it is one of its kind, no other building can compete with its architectural design and its beauty. Burj Khalifa has a height of 2,722 ft. If you are visiting Dubai it must be on the top of your list, the place to be visited first and foremost. It is surrounded by Burj Khalifa park and has a fountain which found to be the perfect photoshoot for you and can shine your Instagram and other social media platform with these pictures.

Burj Khalifa

Dubai Aquarium – Have you ever seen an underwater aquarium. Why to deprived of exploring such beauty. Go and reach the place and enjoy where the marine animals are living it is home for the water animals. This is comprised of the water tank, water tunnel, and underwater zoo where these beautiful natural water bodies and animals are living and give you fascinating views. You can click enthralling photos of yours here at Dubai Aquarium. You will feel like a fish that is living deep down inside the water. The largest fishes of the world will come to near you like never before. Hope you will love to visit the Dubai Aquarium.

Dubai Aquarium

Wild Wadi Waterpark – Wanna have fun? so what are you waiting for go and visit the Wild Wadi waterpark, enjoy exciting water slides, with your family and all alone. It is located in Dubai. This is the best Intagrammable place in the whole Dubai. Take some shots while playing in the water or record some videos when sliding and having unforgettable experience in the Wild Wadi Waterpark of DUBAI. This place is near from and is in the front of the Burj Al Arab hotel which also should be visited while you are on a Dubai Trip. Hope to see you there enjoying.

Wild Wadi Waterpark

Palace Downtown – It is one of the best and finest hotels in Dubai. It is designed so beautifully that one can’t get away to click themselves here in this location. To get clicked on this location one must be the perfect and quick photographer. Because clicking images here is quite difficult because of the restrictions. ” So quick, click” must be the formula for such places in Dubai. Palace Downtown is surrounded by an alluring pool area. To visit this pool you need not book a suite in this hotel, fortunately, this pool area is outside the hotel so access is easy.

Palace Downtown

Dubai Dessert – Here You will feel you never feel it before. It is the greatest place to visit. Here you can enjoy riding with quad bikes, enjoy the sunset with this beautiful desserty area and enjoy the camel rides too. Go and enjoy food by doing an arrangement of a barbeque. It gives you an ethnic and cultural Arabic look to your photograph. Get yourself assured that you must, must visit the deserts of Dubai. This place is known as the Dubai Dessert Conversation Reserve, where you will find lots of sand, dessert animals, dessert restaurants, night parties and many more things to have fun with.

These were the 11 must-visit intagrammable places in dubai that should be your first choice for the visiting. You will find the most expensive stuff as well as the cheapest quality stuff, but for that you should known the right place to have that thing that looks expensive but you have purchased in at very cheap rate. Hope this will help your in visiting, roaming, find the best in dubai while you are on a trip to dubai, and we wish that you find the best with mapquest in dubai to have all the fun. We wish you a very happy and safe journey.