4 Beauty of Scilla: A Guide to the Hidden Gems of Italy

All of you Never miss this place, Scilla Italy. The area is the origin of pizza and spaghetti. Add this fantastic 4 Beauty of Scilla: A Guide to the Hidden Gems of Italy destination to your bucket list. The most delightful village in Calabria. Plan a wonderful trip to Italy with your loved ones. And also your journey friend mapquest Scilla Italy. It is a friend who helps you when you need it. A friend in need is a friend indeed, and mapquest is like this. It will prove to be a grand tour for you.

4 Beauty of Scilla A Guide to the Hidden Gems of Italy

The marvellous town of Italy makes you love the beauty. Not only this place, but Italy is also the most popular place among visitors. You will find various things that increase your joy of exploring Italy. You will find delicious cuisine, picturesque landscapes, friendly people, updated fashion, art and many more here.

Exploring new places gives us immense joy and happiness. Travelling is the therapy of being happy and joyful, and sites full of authenticity and cultural heritage take you to another level.

To enjoy new recreational activities and places, we must choose a perfect destination. The destination you have chosen is the only factor that increases or decreases the curiosity to explore and enjoy. So, finding out the right and suitable destination for the trip is essential. Many more factors need to be considered; likewise, our stay, food, transport, nearest restaurants etc. These are the few factors and things which we need to think about before stepping out.

How does mapquest help to find directions for Scilla Italy

  1. Open the Mapquest 
  2. Enter the location Scilla Italy
  3. Select the routes
  4. Enjoy the destination.
You will find every destination you want to explore, and this app will help you a lot in finding your queries related to routes, maps, hotels, restaurants, fuel stations etc. If you are hungry and want to search for the best place to eat pizza, you will find that within a second as Italy is world famous for pizzas and spaghetti. If you are travelling with your own vehicle, you can search for the nearest fuel station if there is a need for refilling. Search for the best, and the safe stay at your favourite location is easy with this app. As we said, this app would decrease your worries and add joy to your life. So, start your journey with mapquest Scilla Italy and let yourself explore the most beautiful and popular destinations.

Best places to explore at Scilla Italy

Best places to explore at Scilla Italy

Well, there are several places to explore at Scilla Italy while enjoying the mouth-watering cuisine of this particular place. And I was desperate to hop around the famous destination I had heard about. So my curiosity for exploring different locations is more than anyone else. It is a very different feeling when you pack ypur bags for going on vacations or on holidays. After a hard work of searching a suitable place to visit one can take a decision to move out and hang around that place. The beauty , cuisine, and enchanting locations always attract us to come and make a visit. Without wasting more time, I will take you along with me on this virtual tour of this picturesque destination. I wore out my shoes and glasses, took my camera, and started my tour. Now I am ready to say, “Welcome to Scilla Italy”.

Castello Ruffo Di Scilla

If you want to enjoy the breathtaking views, Castello Ruffo Di Scilla is the best place to go and visit. This fantastic place is located just about twenty kilometres from Reggio Calabria. The location is so beautiful; on the lower side is a vast blue beach. The name scilla was of a monster who used to live near the water I saw a large statue of that monster on the upper side of the beach and the sea, and this fact is given according to the greek methodology.

Castello Ruffo Di Scilla

So by visiting this particular place, you can enjoy two destinations one is the beachside and the sea, and another one is the castle. We can adore the castle’s beauty from the upper side of this area, and by walking through the narrow streets, we can visit the two destinations very quickly. And one more thing, summers are the best season to go and visit Scilla. With affordable accommodation for staying here, we can also see beautiful houses. There is a history of so many people who built, purchased and repurchased this castle, and last, we know that Paolo Ruffo was the last one who bought this castle in fifteen hundred thirty-three and until the eighteenth century. This property was his family’s possession. Anyone can visit this site by paying a nominal charge of two euros. When I entered the castle, I thought that they had built it near the sea just to admire nature again and again. And this is the same reason we are out to adore and explore nature.

Chianalea Di Scilla

Both the time are fantastic. To go and visit Chianalea Di Scilla, as it’s beautiful to see during the day and get more beautified during the night time. You just need to enter the right location, and you will find various routes and maps to reach this excellent location without putting yourself in a hustling situation. And this place is mainly famous as a fishing village. The highlight of this location is the houses built on the rocks and the restaurants.

Chianalea Di Scilla

We can explore this site by taking a walking tour. Here we can find too many places to eat and enjoy, enjoy the food at open terrace restaurants, and after staying here, we will learn about greek history and how the hunting of swordfish was done. The people of this place still hold their fishing culture, and the best season for them to do fishing is from May to September. Fishing has its own joy and happiness to do fishing and watching people fishing are two different emotions. But legacy is a legacy, and we must keep it on and roll. I felt very overwhelmed seeing those preserving their legacy and culture today. So, This is also a place where we can visit and have good times with our loved ones.

Scilla Diving Centre

Safety is always and must be the priority. I am not a person who likes this very breathtaking activity that is diving. I can enjoy others doing this activity, but for me it seems always difficult. I suggest everyone please always keep the safety gears and things with you. Please never take such things or activities for granted.

Scilla Diving Centre​

At Scilla there is a beautiful diving centre where the professionals are enjoying the sunkissed under water diving and they are lucky as they can enjoy the beauty of nature outside or inside the water. Here the staff is very friendly and sweet with their customers. So, wear the underwater swim suit, and carry all the safety gears and enjoy the waterbodies, animals and water plants that are only present in the bottom of the water.

Why summers are the best to come and enjoy Scilla?

Lots of people want to come and enjoy some free time with their loved ones or sometimes all alone. But, never stepped out because of work and any other reason. Generally, people choose Scilla Italy to enjoy the climate in summers. And most importantly people visit this location in summers to enjoy the beach life. Beaches here are beautiful you can find everything you need by paying up the nominal charges.

Here they can facilitate you with the umbrella, chairs and beach side beds. So, next time when you plan to go and visit Scilla’s beach keep all the things required to enjoy the beach side. The place is little chaotic but not too much, everyone enjoying in their own ways. Children are playing with the sand, people are enjoying the sun and some are waiting to dive inside the water, but for me diving is not my cup of coffee, I personally never recommend people to go and dive please do it at your own risk. And keep the safety measures and gears along with you. So, coming to the next the beach is not only do such activities it is for someone to come and admire the nature’s beauty while keeping calm and relaxed, I silently enjoyed the sunset and the sky with various colours. Here my trip to Scilla Italy is over and I enjoyed this little trip very much.

And I want to say, that What makes a particular place beautiful, authentic, and cultural? The legacy they are still holding, their connectivity with their cultural roots, their granny’s style of cooking food, and the accumulation of all make the place beautiful in a true sense.

While on the journey of 4 Beauty of Scilla: A Guide to the Hidden Gems of Italy, keep safety as the uppermost priority, select the best and safe place for the stay and always keep safety gear and things with you. While packing the stuff, always keep the things that you need. Have a safe and happy journey. I wish “HAPPY JOURNEY TO YOU”.