Mapquest Paris France

Where are you heading to during this vacation? I recommend you to visit Mapquest Paris, France. Paris is among the most visited cities in the world. The life in Paris is so amazing and luxurious. People are well suited I say and Streets are all clean, which let you have fresh breath within the city. Let me tell you some basic things about this beautiful city that Eiffle Tower, Paris is the capital city of France which is the part of the european countries located in in Western Europe. Language used mostly in this country in French, First language and mostly spoken by 88% of the population and also 3% of the total population speaks German. Population of paris is 2.16 million according to 2019 census. As you go down you will feel this article as I will be sharing my adventurous trip with you. 

Mapquest Paris, France

How to find Paris on Mapquest?

It’s very easy to find Paris on Mapquest as we have before. I always do research on mapquest before planning my next trip to anywhere in the world. Because there is a valid reason behind using this featurous on mapquest. It tells you about everything you need on your travel to that particular city and what you will need while traveling. Steps to find it are as follows.

  1. Open mapquest 
  2. Choose Get Directions from the menu.
  3. Fill the first blank with your current location.
  4. And Second blank with Paris, France.
  5. Hit the Directions button.

This always helps me find something in a new place that I have never been to before. As its features are so fun to take help with

Points of interest in Paris

Points of interest in Paris France

The Mapquest Paris has too many places to visit and there are many things to do in Paris, France. Gorgeous architecture like chruches, cathedrals, museums and many more places to visit that I will share with you in this article about this fantastic city. Below are the most visited and points of interest in Paris are as below.

  1. Eiffel Tower
  2. Louvre Museum
  3. Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris
  4. Arc de Triomphe

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower Paris

Mainly, People come to paris with a vision and love to see and watch Eiffle Tower, most of the time people forget to know in which country does this stong architecture exists. They just remember that we want to see the Eiffle tower only itself. But when then came to Paris, Their eyes starts starring at every beautiful thing that this city offers to its visitors.

When I was at the Eiffle tower, the ground under it was soo amazing and we can play a lot of games and do many other things with the family, friends or couples. Looking at the top peak of the tower looks so stunning and huge.

From the first floor of the eiffle tower I was able to see the whole city of Paris. And a bunch of ships in the River Seine was an astonishing view. But I felt a little scared from the top.

Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum

This place was one of the places that I really wanted to see with my eyes. It looks too amazing and Made me feel like that I was in Egypt, hahaha. I said this because there are three pyramids, like The Pyramids of Giza, Beside each other. And the fantastic part is that they all are made up of glass.

I saw this places in many movies and in the latest I saw it in Red Notice Starring Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds, In the end of the film.

You can see the surrounding of the old beautiful structured buildings with unique carvings and designs all over. It was soo lovely to see. Standing their and just wondering that how the people of the time used to live in these palaces and what they would feel while living there, this was the feeling that I had there and it was so so much historic.

Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

I got the time to visit this ravishing historic Cathedrale and I got goosebumps while see and watching it from the outside. The architecture was some that can never be made before and after like that I feel. It had tiny to big carvings all over around the covers the whole Cathedrale and I say if you once have a look at it your eyes will continuously stare at it.