Things to do in Mapquest Notting Hill London

Notting hill London is famous for its colorful neighborhood. Here we discuss things to do in Mapquest Notting hill London. It is a beautiful district in England’s West London. Notting hill’s beautiful sites are indescribable, and we must go out there and explore the beauty of the sight on our own. From colorful houses and streets, trendy markets, and delicious ice creams, we find various places to explore in Notting hill London. After a busy life, we all want to move out and visit new places that add some happiness to our lives, and my suggestion is to explore London and not forget to visit Notting hill London. 

Things to do in mapquest notting hill london

From the crowded street, shopping street, mouth-watering cuisine, antiques, book stalls, filming sites, museums, and history won’t let you move without exploring and enjoying. And after moving from the crowded market, there is something very unique to explore. The Museum at Notting hill London is where we can explore the consumer culture of the Victorian era. Seeing such a unique concept of displaying items feels fantastic, and it tells us how people advertised the items in the olden times. It proves that in that era also, packaging and advertisement is very much needed. Every place here at Notting hill London is weaved differently and showcased to us. And here, we share something about pottery lane. Pottery lane this place also existed in Notting hill, London, and now it is counted as the most expensive and voguish neighborhood of London. In the olden days, the story differs from today’s fashionable place. It was a slum where it was a place where pottery made. And today, it is a place full of charming views. The remains of the Beehive kiln, where the pottery used to take place, can still be seen. Now we will discuss things to do in Notting hill London.

Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road Market

Welcome to the United Kingdom’s famous market Portobello Road Market. This we count as a superb place in things to do in Notting hill London. Shopping and exploring are two identical happiness. It gives an immense feeling to shop from different places and purchase souvenirs. And to fulfill this desire, we will take you to the Portobello Road market. It is effortless to reach and enter the market. When we come out of the Notting hill gate station, we directly gate entry to this beautiful street market. Here you can do anything and pick things of your choice, and enjoy the local delicacies. I suggest that a walking tour is the best option to explore such places and a walking tour is only an option to move and do some shopping. And this street is a bustling street from others because every visitor includes this place on the list when they come out to explore London.

Unique souvenirs and art crafts at Portobello road market

Differ significantly from others. Whenever we go out for a trip, we always want to grab a souvenir as a memory of that particular place, and if you think the same this, go and check this street market that helps you find a takeaway item for your home or your personal use.

Portobello Road market in Notting hill london weaved in history, and When I went there, I saw many things to purchase. Lovely and valuable stuff makes you greedy, and you don’t control yourself from buying something from there. People enjoy themselves by eating and moving here and there, checking out some new and unique pieces that add beauty to your house. The wonderful smell of food pulls you up, and you will try the variety of street food, purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables, English teas, t-shirts, jewelry, and everything you like. Portobello Road Market is famous for filming sites, creating curiosity in everyone’s mind and becoming an important reason to go and visit the place.

Museum of brands

Museums of Brands london

I added the Museum of brands in things to do in Notting hill London. The Museum of brands is located in London. This Museum works for social well-being and acts as a charitable organization. In the year 2002, it became a registered charitable organization. The things displayed over here will take you through history, and we will understand that in the olden days, people were also involved in this type of promotion and advertisement called consumer culture.

Museum of brands showcasing olden eras advertisement

In the olden era, to sell things, this kind of stuff to promote items is also needed, so this practice of promoting things has been followed from the olden age. The most incredible collection in this Museum is the Robert Opie Collection. The Robert Opie Collection shifted to the Museum of brands Notting hill London from Glocuster Docks museum of advertising and packaging. This collection moved in the year 2005 to the Museum of brands. Twelve thousand items are showcased in the Museum, and around forty thousand people visit this place annually.

The twelve thousand items are beautifully displayed in this Museum. Things like posters, toys, everyday products, packaging, etc. This Museum features the journey of an advertisement and packaging from olden times. Here we can witness the journey of customer culture from the victorian era till today. From time to time, the Museum organized various talks, workshops, and debates. In the year 2020 museum organized a discussion, and the topic was “When brands take a stand” the subject says everything about it this topic. Various social issues like human rights, gender, and social justice are raised and discussed.

Electric Cinema

Electric cinema, people enjoy cinema, and it is a good thing to do in Notting hill London. Electric cinema is ancient and opened on London’s Portobella road in the year 1910. It is designed for the motion picture exhibition. The first film that played in the electric cinema was Henry VIII, on 23 February 1911.

Electric Cinema Notting Hill London

This electric cinema was designed and architect by Gerald Seymour Valentine, who created the unique structure of the electric cinema. Six hundred seats occupy this cinema. This place witnessed world war I ashes. Just because of a little misconception, a mess was created. People misunderstood the manager he was signaling to the Zeppelin from the roof during World War I. In the year 1960, this cinema played so many avant-garde and independent films. 

This place also witness changes in the year 1984. The owners plan to change it into an antique market. But the plan failed when ten thousand people signed a petition against the idea. And after this, it gets closed and opened many times. After this, it became the first black-owned electric cinema which is very shocking, but at the same time, it was fantastic. For the Notting hill carnival in 1993, they spent one million euros to reconstruct the building. This building is the oldest working theatre, and if you are going to visit Notting hill, London, don’t forget to go and see this beautiful site. 

Restaurants and Cafes

If we are moving to explore new cities, we always want to taste good food, and this also comes in things to do in Notting hill London. Some various colorful houses and streets add beauty to Notting hill London. When we go to cafes and restaurants, we see so many colors also in the shops, and the cafes offer colorful biscuits that taste lovely with tea and coffee.

I went to the Biscuit cafe where they offered us the biscuits with the tasty coffee. Not only this, various restaurants offer everyone food from all over the world. And the best is the tug food served by the multiple restaurants.

It becomes essential to have food after a short break that gives us immense pleasure and energy from time to time. Moving from our place to another and enjoying different delicacies of a new city or place adds joy and happiness to the trip. Food has become an essential part of the trip. So this time if you go out to Notting hill London, don’t forget to taste the special delicacies.

Restaurants and Cafes in Notting Hill London

Westbourne Grove is a place where locals go and purchase things for themselves. Here you can also see various restaurants, cafes, and the most beautiful home in the neighborhood. Not only are diners and restaurants here, but you can also purchase and visit clothing outlets.

After moving from the cafe, we went to the bookshops, this place Notting hill various book shops surrounding London. You can find many book shops in Notting hill, which are suitable for book lovers. It is an excellent hobby to read books, and when you are on a trip and find book shops, do not hold your horses. Just go and grab the best for you.

This place, Notting hill London is all about the colorful streets with beautiful houses. That cools your eyes. Olden days cinema and its history will hold you to revisit the place. Go and grab the favorite book for yourself and be a good read from the Notting hill book shops, purcahse the souvenir and make it the memory of the trip.

I will tell you the best part of the trip is every moment you live there all become a memory, and things to do in Mapquest Notting hill London, memories are the best gift for the life any individual can gift to themselves. Go and enjoy the trip. “Happy journey to You”