12 Breathtaking Oahu Waterfall Hikes

Exploring and enjoying new places is fun. We all want to go to new places and explore new, but why do we all want to explore more and more places. The answer is it gives us a piece of relaxation to our mind and body which is much needed for one and all. For this relaxation thing, we have to do lots of work on it like we need to search for a place where we want to go, packing, stay, food, money, culture and safety these points matter a lot, For that you can try these 12 breathtaking oahu waterfall hikes in Hawaii with the help of mapquest driving directions Nowadays people are moving from one place to another very often. Travelling is a pleasure-giving activity. 

12 breathtaking oahu waterfall hikes in hawaii

Travelling A Happening Activity

While travelling we enjoy lots of things like the best places in the city we are exploring. entering into a new place always gives us joy and happiness and clicking different images of new people, their mouth-watering food and culture becomes very interesting and happening for one and all. Travelling is only an activity that never calculates how much capable you are, With mapquest everything becomes easy, and it does not need any proficiency. if you are not good at clicking images or even you are bad at taking images is OK while you are travelling. No matter how you dressed up. As I said it’s an activity to give you joy and happiness.

Leave all the worries behind, Go ahead a bundle of happiness is waiting for you. We all are busy in our day to day life and busy with daily chores of day to day activities. We never give a thought that we need a break from our hectic schedule. Please do not be deprived, come out and breathe. It is important to be alive. It is important to give some time for yourself too. Plan a wonderful and happening trip for your loved one, for you and taste the new tastes of life. Plan a hectic free schedule, forget all your worries of bills, workload, behind and move forward happiness is calling you.

Plan a suitable destination

When you plan a trip for you decide where you want to give. The different places have different vibes. And sometimes it happens that places change your moods. Kepp it limpid while you are planning for a trip. Listen to your heart where it wants to move. There are places which give you a calm atmosphere where you can relax. And there are places too where you can be adventurous. And I have one destination for you to enjoy all the adventures of life, it is like a roller coaster ride or maybe more than that. So here we discuss 12 Breathtaking Oahu Waterfalls.

Hey! it sounds adventurous right. So pack your bags, and be ready with me to enjoy the waterfalls of Oahu and you can reach these places by using the mapquest walking directions feature. Yipeeeeee! Hey, hang on, before we move ahead let me tell you something about where Oahu is located. Oahu is located on Hawaii island. Yes, it’s Hawaii. We all know that Hawaii island is a very enchanting place to visit and at the same time it is adventurous too. Hawaii has very unique features which attract tourists to visit this place once in a lifetime. We experience too many different things over here. For example, culture, art, cuisine, lifestyle is totally different from other places. And this is the only reason that people want to visit this island and want to explore the island and its beauty. As we all know Hawaii is the best destination for a trip or vacation. So if you have chosen Hawaii as your vacation destination is definitely sounds bold.

Tips while visiting 12 Breathtaking Oahu waterfall hikes in hawaii

  1. Please pack shoes that are friendly in muddy areas and rough and tough. As you need to walk over the little rocks, logs, streams. So here you need shoes which prove to be your best friend while you hiking in Hawaii.
  2. Please take a water bottle along with you, as you are on a hike and a long distance to be travelled by you. So water protects you from exhaustion. 
  3. Sunscreen is much needed in this area, so don’t forget to take the best sunscreen along with you which protect your skin from the scratchy sun. And you are the only one who cares for yourself. 
  4. Mosquito repellent is one of the needy needs or things which is required while you are enjoying your hikes, as you have to cross so many jungles and forest areas which has mosquitoes, that is natural we have to accept that is their home and we have to care for ourselves so carry the best mosquito repellent with you and enjoy the adventurous 12 Breathtaking Oahu waterfall hikes. 

12 Breathtaking Oahu Waterfalls That Must Be Visited

In Hawaii, you will find so many waterfalls to visit. And that is good. Here we will give a walkthrough of twelve different waterfalls and share the experience of how one waterfall is different from the other. So let’s get started with the waterfalls.


waimea falls oahu hawaii

Waimea Falls is 12 Breathtaking Oahu waterfall hikes. Waimea Falls is the beautiful lush green waterfall, Your soul will gey satisfied with the green atmosphere you see and feel. It is very large and so greeny you can explore the place by simply walking or by taking a ride but only mapquest directions can help you in this wildy region. Both are cool ideas for such places. While your way to the fall you will find some interesting places like a small bridge, small huts and rocky areas and lots of green plants, trees, bushes and herbs perfect examples of the flora and fauna, it is very good to see such things. You will find people taking and clicking images with nature. On the way, there are some resting places that are also build-up for those who are walking. And when you reach the waterfall it will give us a mesmerising view which is unforgettable. At the waterfall, there is a store where you can get things like swim gear, T-shirts, towels, water shoes, life jackets. Waiting for what go and dive into the water. Waimea fall is all yours.


Likeke fall is an interesting fall on Oahu island. It is one of the best 12 Breathtaking Oahu waterfall hikes. If you are travelling with your own vehicle please park the vehicle at a safe place where nobody gets disturb cause of the vehicle. Then walk ahead to reach towards the fall. You can find a very narrow passage and muddy at the same time, lots of greenery and one more thing lots of log breakers with lots of ups and downs. It is going to give you an adventurous feel. Trust me. My tip pack perfect shoes to walk in such areas. Please take the proper amount of water along with you as we discuss the way we are following to reach the waterfall. On the way, you will find trees and small rocks are covered with green algae which seems so beautiful. After a long walking distance, you will hear the soothing sound of water. And then here comes a heavy flowing waterfall. People chose different ways to enjoy the waterfall you chose yours. All the best.


Koloa Gulch is located in Oahu Hawaii and counts as one of the wonderful waterfalls in Hawaii and comes in 12 Breathtaking Oahu waterfall hikes. Waterfalls are always the best destination because it makes us feel that we are near to nature and true nature lovers always want to visit such places and Koloa Gulch is one of them. This waterfall is covered and surrounded by big green trees. By following the trails we can reach towards the direction. After so many turns and backs, ups and downs and crossing so many and little water streams we thought that the waterfall is eluded somewhere but after so much of walking and panicking the fruitful result is what your eyes are waiting to see is the waterfall. And here it is. I personally want to call this valley a “fruitful valley” because on the way we fruit a lot. We enjoyed ourselves a lot and one more thing we found few fruitful trees on the way towards this waterfall, these fruitful trees seems like embracing us and welcoming us.


kapena falls

Enjoying nature trips sounds good and so here is 12 Breathtaking Oahu waterfall hikes in which we count Kapena falls too. It is surrounded by large and huge banyan trees and we found these giant trees on our way towards Kapena Falls. The large canopy of the Banyan trees makes this way beautiful. While swinging on the Banyan trees you can feel like a Tarzan. What a different feeling. I laughed a lot and it’s like butterflies flying in my stomach. Enjoying swinging in between the jungle gives us a different and unique experience. For me, Kapena Falls are all about this.


jackass ginger waterfall oahu hawaii

Jump into the Jackass Ginger Waterfall it is one of the best 12 Breathtaking Oahu waterfall hikes. The beautiful way towards the fall makes you desperate and you want to reach the fall as soon as possible, it attracts you. By following the muddy path. you will find the bamboo trees, guava trees and eucalyptus trees in between the way. Jackass Ginger is quite a small waterfall so I didn’t enjoy it a lot but the walking way gives me joy. So if you can enjoy things only by walking and things nearby you can find happiness here too. All the best for the hiking.


Here at Kaipapu Fall, as we start walking it is long-distance to reach the fall. Kaipapu falls is 12 Breathtaking Oahu waterfall hikes that are everyone’s dream to visit and enjoy the journey. We entered into the forest and fell the sun rays which get filtered by the tree leaves and we got a ray of new sunshine, which boost up our morale and make us feel enthusiastic. We followed the way by crossing the jungle is covered with long and short trees, little bushy plants, broken tree logs, at the log we took a rest then move ahead. My friends and I captured few moments there, then we crossed a little water stream. This is a beautiful fall Kaipapu, which everyone must visit once.


Water falling from the rocks it seems like that water and rocks are best friends from long ago and enjoying each others company. They want to be together and for forever, not only rocks and water the trees are also friends of them they all love to be with each other. It is the view which I saw from my eyes at Waipuhia waterfalls and it is 12 breathtaking Oahu waterfall hikes located in Oahu, Hawaii. If you plan to visit Hawaii don’t forget to visit this waterfall. We walked on the road to reach the waterfall, then we entered into a tiny miny jungle which leads us to our destination. Our way towards the waterfall is full of rocky ways and we enjoyed this adventurous journey, the climate or weather that day was supporting us and it is also allowing us to enjoy and be happy to the fullest. We heard the sound of water which filled up a joyful filling in us and we to the waterfall and enjoyed it a lot.


lulumahu falls oahu hawaii

As we entered into the new jungle taking us towards the new fall that is Lulumahu Falls as which is also 12 breathtaking Oahu waterfall hikes. This is the new fall Lulumahu Falls. The waterfall way which we are following is very scenic and we saw so many green long bamboo trees. We saw so many other tourists also who are also came to enjoy the waterfall hike. Trust every waterfall hike is different and always give different experiences whenever you go and make a visit.


laie falls oahu hawaii

This is one of the 12 breathtaking Oahu waterfall hikes located in Oahu, Laie town. Following a very tapering path, and crossing the little hills you will reach the place you want to go. And as the Hawaii island is blessed with all the natural beauty you will never get fed up exploring here. This place is quite different from others as it is surrounded by large hills. And we found long pine trees here. The Laie falls is worth giving place do visit it.


It seems and makes us feel good the sun rays kissing our cheeks from the filtering leaves. Maunawili falls is one of the best 12 breathtaking Oahu waterfall hikes. This place is hundred per cent scenic. Bypassing through the small streams and the green jungle we will reach the destination. We chose to walk and explore the place by walking. I don’t know why I love to explore places by walking only. Quite weird for a few but a truth for me. “And I enjoy walking”. Here also log breakers embrace you and become a lovely hurdle for you, mind that these are the hurdles which you really enjoy. So do not bother about this. Please wear appropriate shoes and take a mosquito repellent along with you we experienced lots of mosquitoes here. So take my advice seriously. Here the beauty of the trees, climbers, and passage attracts you and never make you restless you want to keep walking and walking and love the eternal journey.


Experiencing 12 breathtaking Oahu waterfall hikes and one of them is Waimano Falls. Why it is so, surely we will let you know. So be ready with your strong boots. And here the journey begins. A muddy and little sticky area lead you towards the path. Be careful quite slippery here, Trust I was walking slowly as normal because I do not want to slip and laugh at myself. Cause whenever I slip I used to laugh a lot I do not know why. We found little ponds in between our way. Trust the path is very narrow as we are near to the fall. Milky white water flowing from the fall was so admirable, and everybody took a dive into the water and we enjoyed it a lot over here at Waimano Falls.


manoa falls oahu hawaii

When I was in the car and reaching towards the 12 breathtaking Oahu waterfall hikes, the Manoa Falls we saw huge green mountains. Be careful with parking, if you parked your vehicle at the wrong place it can be towed. So parked it at right and safe place. Then my favourite part begins we have to walk and reach. Yipee! Hey, we saw the university of Hawaii Harold L. Lyon Arboretum and the gate of Manoa Falls is just next to it, Wow. A beautiful picturesque view pampered your eyes when you just begin with the journey. They have created a small road covered with small stones that gives you a very distinct feel as we did not find it anywhere else. As there are benches laid down in between the way we rested for few minutes and then start walking again. Then a giant fall is awaiting, here water is drizzling from the fall. A very thin water line you experience here. Enjoy the Manoa Falls.

Hope you will love and enjoy these places while trekking, camping, and burning some bonfire near your camp and chatting with each other can make you feel nostalgic. If you like these amazing 12 breathtaking oahu waterfalls in Hawaii then please share them with everyone who is planning to visit Hawaii soon. Until then we wish you a very happy and safe journey.