Mapquest Route Planner

Planning for a trip, round-trip or one-way trip? choose Mapquest route planner for an easy, traffic-free and safe way to your destination. Routes are too busy, but you can take the help of Mapquest Route Planner which provides you and shows you the best and free from traffic jammed roads.

mapquest route planner

The one of the best way to know your route is to use Mapquest route planner and Mapquest Driving Directions. It will guide you with the best navigator till you reach your destination. If you are planning for some vacation or weekend fun, will recommend you to take help from the mapquest route planner. You need to just set your starting point to your destination, they will create a route which is not jammed, rough and it will tell to in how much time your gonna reach your destination.

Mapquest Route Planner cares about your ride. if you want a low-cost ride without charges taken by the government, that is the toll charges for good roads and safe ways. it facilitates you, that if you want to avoid highways, ferries etc, it helps you in avoiding them. Either you want your units in miles or kilometres, it also gives you that option to choose. you can also choose the shortest time option to reach your destination ASAP and saves your time and gas money.

How to set your Route Planner

  1. Visit official website
  2. Click on route planner.
  3. Choose your starting point and your destination
  4. Click on PREVIEW ROUTE

Note: You can add multiple stops on your route by just clicking on add another stop.

Avoid settings in your Route Planning.

You can avoid toll roads, that helps you to waste your time in a long queue to pay for the good condition of roads or short ways. Avoiding highways, ferries, seasonal roads that are used only on vacations, weekends or celebration times, time restrictions, like the road will be closed from 10 P.M  To 5 A.M. it will help you to avoid time restricted roads, and Country Borders.

Mapquest route planner provides three different options to set your route. first one is the Line By Line option, Second is Copy/Paste and the third is Import. Every feature contains different facilities to provide you best services.