13 tips for visiting Hawaii for the first time

We all want to travel somewhere to someplace to enjoy the peace and the place. Here we are going to give you 13 tips for visiting Hawaii for the first time. And surely you gonna be Welcome here with a beautiful flower garland and the people will say “Aloha” with a smile. Travelling must be a plan by everyone once in a year to come out from the hectic and busy schedule of our lives. For travelling, we need to choose a destination and plan things according to that place. While planning a trip we must keep everything in our mind for example like the weather conditions of the place where we want to make our visit, the culture of the place, what are the currency, language everything matters if we are planning a happy trip. 

13 tips for visiting hawaii for the first time

Destination Hawaii

Hawaii is a beautiful place to be visited by one and all. This place is occupied by beautiful islands. Hawaii is located in the U.S. The place is entirely occupied by eight main islands named Kaua’i, Lana’i, Moloka’i, Ni’ihau, O’ahu, Kaho’olawe, Mau’i, and last but not the least Hawaii. The beauty of the islands can not be defined with the words it can be felt when one visits the place and explore it in their own ways. That makes the island more beautiful and unforgettable. Every island has its own unique identity and gives an extraordinary feeling of love towards nature. This island is comprised of attractive and different places like the waterfalls, rainforests, mountains, volcanoes, national parks etc. The place sounds so adventurous and spunky.

The Islands of Hawaii and their nicknames

Every island of Hawaii has its own nickname which is quite good it shows the love of the place towards the islands. like

  1. Kaua’i – The Garden Isle
  2. Lana’i – The Pineapple Isle
  3. Moloka’i – The Friendly Isle
  4. Ni’ihau – The Forbidden Isle
  5. O’ahu – The Gathering Place
  6. Kaho’olawe – The Target Isle
  7. Mau’i – The Valley Isle
  8. Hawaii – The Big Island

The place to stay in Hawaii island

For this thing, you first need to select the island you want to visit first and When we plan a trip we must always take care of the place or hotel where we are staying in Hawaii. the place must be safe and secure for everyone as we are new to the city. And safe and secure place helps in the making are visit happy and cheerful. As you can see in the picture given above shows the Waikoloa Beach Marriot Resort and Spa, Grand Naniloa Hotel Hilo – A DoubleTree By Hilton, Holiday Inn Express Kailua Kona, etc. These are some of the hotels and rest houses with all stress relieving places that you can find in the Hawaii with the help of Mapquest Driving Directions from your Mobile phone or any other device. This is the first tip you should get done with before leaving your home, means you must book hotels from your home itself with trusted websites like Booking.com, IXIGO, Hotels.com, Trip Adviser, Trivago, Hot Wire, Agoda, Google or other before taking off.

What to pack while vacating Hawaii island

what to pack while traveling to hawaii

It is very necessary to pack the right things in your luggage because anything we miss which is needed can create trouble for us, so make a proper list of items you want to carry along with you. Like selecting good clothes which suit the environment and climate of Hawaii island, in my point of view, the casual one will be the perfect option which includes T-Shirt, shorts, which can easily get dried if get wet. a sunscreen, maps, camera, flip-flop, reef shoes, sunglasses, swimsuit, snacks and medicines. hope this completes your packing and helps you while you visit the beautiful island of Hawaii.

Languages that you must know before visiting Hawaii

Languages must known before traveling to hawaii
It is good to learn few words about a new place where you want to visit. It works great and makes you feel that you know not everything but something about the place which gives you the feeling that you are one of them and the people of that place also relate with you very easily and will help you by knowing your efforts.

Choose the island you want to visit in Hawaii

As we all know that Hawaii is comprised of many islands and it’s better to plan a trip according to the island you want to visit. like which island from the eight islands. And this planning helps you in exploring the place in an easy way and you can enjoy every moment of your trip.

Dive under the sea of Hawaii

When you go and visit Hawaii there is enormous activity to do and one of them is to dive underwater and explore the sea beauty and enjoy seeing the sea creatures. Diving beneath the water gives you some kind of a different experience we never experienced before.

The Polynesian Culture Centre Hawaii

The Polynesian Culture Centre represents the six villages and is Hawaii, Samoa, Fiji, Aotearoa, Tonga and Tahiti. Every village has their unique identity which tells about its culture. The Samoa villagers make you learn how to make fire by rubbing two sticks, weaving leaves, When we reach Hawaii here we learn a few hulas moves with beautiful music, you will also enjoy games like Ulu Maika quite similar to bowling we play in malls and games centre and one other game you can enjoy here is Konane. You can enjoy pole fishing and also learn spear throwing, and mouth-watering coconut bread is eagerly waiting for you at Tahiti village. At Fiji village, you will enjoy the dance moves and get decorated with temporary tattoos, the process of taking oil out from coconut will amaze you a lot. At Aotearoa village, you will enjoy the stick games also called titi torea and Poi balls, and the Haka dance, Have you ever heard dancing while sitting and yes it is quite the same here in tonga village they dance while sitting how different it is. Only the movement of your hands matters in this dance form and it happens in tonga village. Really it gives you a different experience of visiting this fantastic place.

The Beaches of Hawaii

As the island has lots of beaches one must visit the Greensand beach and this is also called Papakolea beach. What makes this beach a beautiful place to visit is the green crystal sand we found on the beach. Explore the beauty of this Green sand beach during the daytime. You can reach the place by itinerary the highway 11, the south point and you will find the 69 and 70-mile makers on the same highway then you need to park your car at the parking lot and then from there you can reach to the beach easily enjoying the natural beauty. Please keep in mind that there is no food shop or shop for any edible items so it’s better to carry some along with you.

Oahu Island Hawaii

If you planned to visit Oahu island it is important to know where to visit and what are the best places to make your visit easy and joyful. This place offers so many things like good food, shopping and wait! “The Beaches” Here you can go and enjoy on Wainmalo beach which is a little quiet and with less crowd and white sand gives you time to admire the beauty of the beach. And next, you can go and visit Lanikai beach I called it a light blue water beach, The Sunset Beach, Tha Waimea Bay it is one of the most attractive beaches and what attracts the thing which attracts you is the rock, there is a huge rock on this beach, which amazed you and people use to climb on that rock and from that rock, they dive into the water and it is also known by the name of ‘The Rock’ do add these beaches in your list and enjoy the island.

Maui Island Hawaii

Maui Island Hawaii
We also know Maui island by the name of ‘the valley isle’. The most important thing to notice on this island is the east and west Maui volcanoes. Wailuku is Maui capital city. Here you can go and visit Hookipa beach park on this beach you can enjoy surfing and diving, the garden of Eden Arboretum, the Haleakala national park, here you can go and see the highest peak of this island and good for hiking, you can shop as I found Maui best for shopping.

Molokai Island Hawaii

molokai island hawaii

As we all know if we are in Hawaii we just not forget to visit the Molokai island and the beaches of that place. One thing which really amazed me here is Molokai sea cliffs, Please visit Moa’ula falls Halawa valley, you can enjoy swimming at this place. Enjoy the delicious food of the island and praise the taste.

Kauai Island Hawaii - Waimea Canyon State Park

Kauai Island Hawaii - Waimea Canyon State Park

Kuau Island in Hawaii is different from other islands of Hawaii. And the best thing over here to visit is the Waimea Canyon State Park, The red rocks or soil of this place enchants you in many ways and from there you can see a milky waterfall falling from the heights.

Street Food in Hawaii

street food in hawaii
If we visit any new place what attracts us the most that are the traditional food of that place and yummy cuisine. And everybody wants to taste some different and assorted traditional food from the regular one. So if you are in Hawaii you must try the Paniola burger trust it is the yummiest and it is so juicy in taste, You can taste the delicious and different types of shrimps which taste totally different. My suggestion if you are here in Hawaii never be the deprived one from tasting the street food.

Time in Hawaii

Time is a very important factor in everyone’s life. Time teaches us a lot. It is well said time is precious and time is money. Time is a teacher which taught us many lessons of our lives. But here we discuss time in Hawaii. As we all know Hawaii is a very beautiful place that attracts many visitors and explorers. Hawaii is the best tourist place and a well known holiday destination. Hawaii has its own standard time which is called as Hawaii Standard Time HST and Hawaii-Aleutian Daylight Time HDT. These HST and HDT, are the abbreviation we use. If we talk about the United states here we use HST during the winter season and HDT during the summer season. There are various tools and apps that are present which converts the time of Hawaii to your place and tells you the exact time in Hawaii.

Time in Hawaii from different destinations.

  1. Alaska 2 hours ahead of Hawaii
  2. California 3 hours ahead of Hawaii
  3. China is 18 hours ahead of Hawaii
  4. Dubai is 14 hours ahead of Hawaii
  5. Hawaii is 5 hours behind Canada
  6. India is 15 hours ahead of Hawaii
  7. Jakarta is 17 hours ahead of Hawaii
  8. Malaysia is 18 hours ahead of Hawaii
  9. Russia is 17 hours ahead of Hawaii
  10. Tokyo is 19 hours ahead of Hawaii
  11. Hawaii is 13 hours behind Istanbul

Why Time in Hawaii is important

Every time when we make a business call the first thing in our mind is the impression and here time in Hawaii plays an important role as the caller must be aware of the time in Hawaii to make the conversation healthy .

Sometimes is also happen when we make some personal calls to our loved one so we must take care of the time because time varies from place to place.

If we are planning a trip we must be aware of the time in Hawaii.

Shopping in Hawaii

shopping in hawaii
If you are a shopping lover and can’t wait for shopping so finding the best place for shopping becomes necessary and no need to worry we have a place for shopping lovers and that is Aloha Stadium in Oahu Hawaii. It is an open market where you find everything you need and want. You can find here beautiful jewellery, hats, scarfs, plants, toys, Hawaiin garland, so go and enjoy shopping in Oahu, Hawaii. You can find these shopping places with Mapquest Driving Directions and you can also use it to find the best places for shopping, food, scenic views, tourist places, and many other helpful destinations. We hope that you’ll love these 13 tips for visiting hawaii for the first time and you may find it helpful for the traveling.