3 Day Itinerary for Boston Massachusetts

Welcome to the 3 Day Itinerary for Boston Massachusetts. A birthplace for the American Revolutionary War. It is the capital of Massachusetts in the United States. And count as one of the most populated cities. This city holds beautiful history with an advanced future. Let’s dive into the history of the American Revolution. 

The Perfect 3 Day Itinerary for Boston Massachusetts

The blend of modern and tradition can be seen here. If you are planning to visit some fascinating places, make Boston Massachusettes a destination. The beautiful people of Boston from the City of Boston will make you feel friendly with their nature, You can easily find these places on the mapquest. Go and spend the surprising vacation here in Boston, Massachusetts. Enjoy the new cuisine and new culture of Boston. At the same time, you are visiting this marvellous place you can find many attractive places which attracts you. And it will become your most favourite place in the United States.

It is the perfect holiday destination for those who love history and want to live some moments in the past. Like all, I can say Boston Massachusettes is a dream destination, historical site and a fascinating place to visit once in a lifetime. You can see this place very freely without any tension because the subways can take you wherever you want and You can also visit this place by walking on your legs. So tighten up your shoes, and let us walk around with me in Boston, Massachusetts. We will explore the sites, enjoy the food altogether. And let’s Get a trivia of Boston, Massachusetts.

Best Things to do and Places to Visit in Boston, Massachusetts.

This place is occupied by various picturesque sights that attract you a lot, and you will ” never say never ” to come again to this place. Boston, Massachusetts, will call you again and again and the history will not let you feel alone. The trip gets completed in three days, and on the first day, we cover the historical sites of the Freedom Trail and on the second day we covered the Backbay area, South End and on our third and last day of the Boston trip we visited Harvard University and North End. 

So this trip is divided into three parts which are as follows:

  1. The first day starts with Freedom Trail Boston to Bunker Hill Monument.
  2. The second day starts from Fenway to the South End of Boston Massachusetts USA.
  3. The third day which is the last day starts at Harvard University to North end of Boston

The First Day in Boston

Freedom Trail

Freedom Trail Boston USA

The Freedom Trail is a different, unique and authentic trail to visit in Boston, Massachusetts. And, Yes, it is a fantastic history trail. It is very different as the red brick path follows it, and it is 2.6 miles. This red coloured path occupied sixteen important historical sites.

This fantastic trail gets started with ‘Boston common’ and the last destination of this trail, or we can say this trail ends at Bunker Hill Monument. Freedom Trail tells us the story of the United States history. So the history lovers love this Freedom Trail visit as it allows us to take a past ride with our horses. You reach this place by using the Mapquest driving directions on the app or directly can visit to the site. 

Search on Mapquest - Boston Common

This place is a public park in the downtown of Boston, Massachusetts. It is an ancient place, and since 1634 it has been used as a city park. The area of Boston Town is around fifty acres. The colonists purchased this area from a settler named Blackstone. Blackstone was the first European settler. This place is limited or bounded by a few streets, and the names are Tremont Street, Park Street, Beacon Street, Charles Street, Boylston Street.

Massachusetts State House

This place is also known as the new statehouse. The building covers 6.7 acres of area and is located at Beacon Street and one of the important sites of our Freedom Trail. This building was designed and architect by Charles Bulfinch. The primary and essential thing that makes this structure very beautiful is its dome, which is first made of wood and then covered by copper. This building is the office of the governors and Massachussettes General court.

Park Street Church, Boston

After the Massachusetts State House, We went to Park Street Church. This church also carried a great history and was built-in 1804. It is a beautiful church. Use the mapquest walking directions feature to visit Boston park. The Park Street Church is the best example of modern and traditional architecture.

Granary Burying Ground

This is the third oldest cemetery in Boston, Massachusetts. It also holds some important history of the city of Boston. It is a very known site of the Freedom Trail. Here you can learn about Boston’s past. Lots of buildings surround this cemetery. Just next to it is the downtown shopping area where you can go and shop around.

King's Chapel & King's Chapel Burying ground, Boston

Kings chapel and Kings Chapel Burying Ground

King’s Chapel was the first Anglican Church. And it was founded by Sir Edmund Andros. It was first a wooden building and located at Termont and School Street. In 1749 Peter Harrison architected the design, and the stone church was built and completed in 1754. King’s Chapel Burying ground is also located near the same site where governors of Massachusetts, John Winthrop, John Leverett, William Shirley, Judges of Massachusetts, Wait Still Winthrop, Adam Winthrop, Ministers of Boston are buried here.

Boston Latin School and Statue of Benjamin Franklin

Boston Latin School and statue of Benjamin Franklin

On April 23, 1635, a school was established in Boston, Massachusetts, and its name is Boston Latin School. John Cotton is the man behind the establishment of the school, This is one of the oldest schools in America, and this school is still in existence. Wow! That sounds pretty cool. The first graduate student name is John Hull. Philemon was the headmaster and who took classes at his home cause school was under completion process. Benjamin Franklin was a famous scientist born in Boston and was a student of Boston Latin School. We can see his statue is near the Boston Latin School.

Old Corner Bookstore

Old Corner Bookstore Boston Massachusetts United States Of America

This building was built in 1718 and is located at Washington Street Boston, Massachusetts, Find it on Mapquest. And it is one of the historic commercial buildings. It was built by Thomas Crease, who is an apothecary, and this building is also a residence to him. Before Thomas Crease, a lady Anne Hutchinson’s house was at the same site, but Anne Hutchinson’s is defenestrated from Massachusettes due to Hersey. Timothy Harrington Carter renovated the building and opened a bookstore at this site. When William Ticknor and James T. Fields changed the structure, this building was used for a publishing purpose where various authors gathered.

Old South Meeting House

Old South Meeting House Boston Massachusetts

Now, we will move towards another national historical landmark, the Old South Meeting Hall, Where several of the meetings conducted in the past and the interior of the building speak about the history it lived. Beneath the tower, the massacre took place. And this is the same red brick building. In the olden days or during the revolutionary period, the building was considered a place where thousands of colonists gathered because this was one of the largest buildings of the time. The remarkable Boston Tea Party incident happened near this building. The Sons of Liberty opposed this act, and the action is like the British East India Company selling tea from China to American colonies. And the main target was the tea act.

Old State House

In Boston, Massachusetts which can be easily searched on mapquest, there is one more historical building, the Old State House (Boston). This building was constructed in 1798. It is one of the significant landmarks of the revolutionary period and the freedom trail too. People also know this place by the name of the townhouse. The Old State House is situated near king street. King Street is known for political, economic and social gatherings or events that took place. The Old State House is now included in the museums of Boston

Boston Massacre

Boston Massacre

Boston Massacre site witnessed a historical blood war of the revolutionary period where several civilians were gunshot by the troops. You will see a red brick building here at the massacre site where this deadly incident happened. There is a round commemorative mark underneath the red brick building, and on that mark, ” Site of the Boston Massacre, March 5, 1770″ is written.

Faneuil Hall

The next place to explore in our freedom trail is Faneuil Hall. Here you found a giant statue of Samuel Adam. But who is Samuel Adam? Samuel Adam is a philosopher cum politician. We will see his statue in front of the Faneuil Hall. Faneuil Hall is now counted among the national historical park of Boston. In the olden days, the Faneuil Hall was used for meetings during the revolutionary period. It is given to the people of Boston by Peter Faneuil, and He is a French merchant.

Paul Revere House

We saw Paul Revere House it was built in 1680, and it is the home of Paul Revere, one of the American patriots. And this Paul Revere House is one of the historical sites of the American revolution. Must visit the Paul Revere House as it represents history very beautifully.

Old North Church

Old North Church Boston USA

And, as we moved ahead following the same red brick path, we reached the Old North Church of Boston, Massachusetts. When I arrived, I saw many school children visiting the church with their respective school teachers. The one that I noticed is a small board outside the church, and on that board, the line is written it is – ‘Step into history’, and then I took a moment and appreciated that line. Yes, this whole trail is indeed stepping us into history. Then I entered the church, and there were small square and open cabins with the sitting arrangments. When everyone gets settled down, the speaker let us introduce the history of the church. That’s amazing to listen to someone, and I love to hear history from others. When I got free from the Old North Church Boston. Mapquest had helped me much for searching these places.

Copp's Hill Burying

Copp’s Hill Burying Ground is one of the destinations among the sixteen of our Freedom Trail. What should I say about this place? It is one of the oldest cemeteries we found in Boston, Massachusetts. This Copp’s Hill Burying Ground was established in 1659. Here we can see ancient graves and the years engraved on the stones. And, as we moved ahead following the same red brick path, we reached the Old North Church of Boston, Massachusetts.

USS Constitution

USS Constitution Boston USA

Have you ever seen an old frigate is still sailing today? Well, I witnessed one, and its name is USS Constitution. It is also known as Old Ironside and, it is one among the six original frigates. The USS Constitution or old Ironside is the oldest navy ship in the United States. This Old Ironside was first to launch in 1797, and the name of the designer who designed this ship is Joshua Humphery. The wood used to build this ship is an Oak and Pine, and it took more than three years to build this naval ship.

Bunker Hill Monument

Bunker Hill Monument Boston USA

It is one of the important monuments and is named Bunker Hill. The Bunker Hill was constructed in 1834, and it is 221 feet tall high obelisk. And it is included in one of the national historical parks. It is built in the memory of Dr Joseph Warren, and he is a Mason. This monument is not on Bunker hill. And It is on Breed hill.

The second day in Massachusetts


Fenway park is in Boston, Massachusetts. Take a train ticket and reach Fenway Park. It will take less than fifteen minutes to get to Fenway Park. At Fenway Park, you can go and enjoy the baseball game. So do not wait for anyone to book the ticket. Just do it and enjoy the baseball game. I enjoyed the daytime game at Fenway Park with cotton candy. If you are hungry as I am, I ate from Landsdowne street before entering Fenway Park because an empty stomach will not let you enjoy anything. The great idea is to eat something that will help you and provide energy as it is the second day of my trip to Boston, Massachusetts. I want to explore as much as I can. I found the teammates statue behind Fenway Park and clicked more and more pics before the game. I saw a large colourful number hunged on the red brick wall that gives a perfect background for the pictures. You can eat lunch, dinner here at Lands down and find excellent food to it.

Museum of Fine Arts

So the art lovers can like this place a lot cause our next destination of the second day is the art museum. Museum of fine art is an art museum in Boston, Massachusetts and is located in Fenway. So let’s talk about the art museum. All I can say is build up in such a large area that is the reason it is counted in the world’s largest museums. It has 8,161 paintings and 450,000 works of art, which needs a quiet and calm environment. It is a quiet place to observe things keenly because the artwork and the paintings speak up and tell us its formation story. No need for words to describe our eyes can understand everything. The artwork is assembled in a lovely manner, starting from the earliest period than pre-Colombian art and lastly, late 20th century at the floors of the Museum not only artwork the sculptures the paintings are arranged very perfectly as it builds up curiosity to look and appreciate the masterpieces present there.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

After visiting the Museum of fine arts, we headed towards the next Museum named Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, located in Boston, Massachusetts. This Museum was founded in the year 1900, and of course, the founder name is Isabella Stewart. This Museum gives a breathtaking experience, and this Museum has its own story to tell, which is counted as one of the great museums. The Isabella Stewart Gardner museum holds centuries in it to take us to the olden but the golden era. And I am happy that I am exploring the most excellent museums of Boston, Search for them on mapquest. When I entered, I was enchanted with the architect of the Museum, the smells of fresh flowers, the sound of water and the music creating happiness everywhere.

The treasure of artwork is hidden inside the Museum. The paintings are not just hanging on the wall. They are speaking cause they are arranged in an exemplary manner there are no pieces of art. They are the masterpieces of great artwork, inviting us to explore and appreciate the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. We will get goosebumps that Isabella Stewart personally arranged a few of the artwork, paintings, and masterpieces. Now I understand why it is so unique and loved by everyone because it invites us to smell, hear, see, explore, and appreciate. I want to say, well-done, lady!

BackBay Boston USA

The food lovers, the shopping lovers, love this place. BackBay is built on the Charles River basin. The luxurious area with expensive houses is known for brownstone houses, which gives the homes a costly look with the old churches. I found this place very, very classy. Before BackBay, it is only the Bay in between Boston and Cambridge. BackBay is surrounded by Beacon Street, Commonwealth Avenue, Marlborough Street, Boylston Street, and Newbury Street.

Gibson House Museum

It is located at Beacon hill, BackBay. Gibson house museum, as its name is telling about itself that is a house museum and one of the historical landmarks. This is the first house built on the Backbay by the Gibson Family, and the artwork that we appreciate and see inside the house is well preserved and featured. That is the personal property and art pieces of the Gibson Family.

Copley Square

A landmark for the cultural and educational institution. Copley Square is named after John Singleton Copley, and he is a famous painter who painted portraits. The statue of John Singleton Copley is installed in Copley Square in Boston. If we talk about Copley Square, we find many significant landmarks like Trinity Church, Boston Public Library, Old South Church, John Hancock Tower, and Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel.

South End

South End Boston Massachusetts United States of America

South End can be described in a few words modern, classy, trendy and elegant. This trendy and elegant South End was established in 1840. Before, it was marshy land and made to live people because Boston was getting overcrowded, and this is the main reason behind the establishment of South End. The beautiful red brick houses and tree-lined streets add beauty to the South End. This is close to Beacon Hill, Downtown, and Roxbury. Here at South End, we will find many parks, and we can also find various restaurants like Indian, Italian and Thai. Not only food, but this whole Boston is also an art piece. We see art galleries, art studios, and here at South End, many art galleries and art studios at Harrison Avenue. Here you can also explore an open market where sellers are selling their stuff every Sunday. The famous Ballet dance classes are also running here at South End. South End is the best place for commercial and residential purposes.

The Third Day in Boston Massachusetts

Harvard University Boston

Harvard University Boston Massachusetts USA

Harvard University is in Cambridge, Massachusetts. And this University is private University and in whole it is private Ivy League Research University. This University is established in 1636. It is build up in the area of 209 acres. It is counted in the worlds prestigious Universities and the oldest the history of the University gives us the glimpse of its past how it is developed and when it is developed. Basically institutions are made for the people, and University like Harvard University created history every time.

Inside the Campus there are various buildings with the different names. And here we find the most oldest buildings one of them are called Harvard Hall constructed in the year 1766, it is named after John Harvard who donated the books to the university and that place is totally burnt down and so the books too so before the Harvard Hall it was a library. Inside the campus there is Harvard Yard where we can see the statue of John Harvard. And many of the library named as Widener library, Houghton Library, Lamont Library. There is one another building called Massachusetts Hall which was actually a dormitory and during the American revolutionary period the six hundred and forty soldiers used this place as their stay. Here is one more place is the Memorial Church. And one thing which I noticed is that all the bricks are made of red brick with white doors and windows which adds too much beauty to the place.It is a very beautiful place to visit at the South End. Must go and explore this place.

Beacon Hill

Beacon hill a very elegant and beautiful place and a peaceful neighborhood in Boston. Beacon hill a wonderful place with red brick sidewalks and gaslits streets which give the place a very luxurious looks. This places is situated to Charles River and the Blackstone was the first settler who built his house to this place, in olden days this place is also used by the military people for the drills. The Massachusetts State house is located here at Beacon Hill.

North End

This place is colonized in 1630, North End is a neighborhood of Boston. North End welcomed the Irish, Jewish and Italian immigrants. The historical Paul Revere house is located here at the North End of Boston, Massachusetts. The famous Old North Church is also here and this area coveref the few parts of our Freedom Trail. Not only this you can have a good food and can do shopping here at the North end cause here many restaurants, bakeries, cafes and shops serves you with love. You can taste the yummy pastries at Maria’s Pastry shops, this shop is run by the two sisters. This place is also called mini Italy in Boston cause here the large number of American Italian people living here.

These were the place where you should visit on your Boston Massachusetts United States of America Trip. Hope you’ll love the 3 Day Itinerary for Boston Massachusetts and will love to visit these places.