5 Spots To Dwell At Blue Lagoon Iceland

After so much work, everybody needs some break, and we want to get some relaxation in our life, which we can have at 5 Spots To Dwell At Blue Lagoon Iceland. I searched so many activities to relax and see what I found the best healing activity is the Vacation. Then I searched so many places to explore, but I found Blue Lagoon Iceland, a happening place for my Vacation. Here I will let you know about the premium package and my personal views on this place. So let us begin exploring and understanding Blue Lagoon, Iceland. This now becomes the most favourite place for tourists to come again and again. The reason behind this is they are delighted with the decision to visit and explore the Blue Lagoon Iceland, You can find these places on Mapquest. Here I share my experience of this place and let you know the exotic places to visit and enjoy with the family, not only with the family you can come and visit this place with your loved ones, friends and sometimes all alone. Vacations are proven as a healing therapy. We get so much stress by following the same routine in life, life needs a change and we the only ones to make ourselves happy and healthy from this busy life of work and work only. 

I found myself caught in the web of work and stress, and I wanted some relaxation, so I decided, and this is another reason to visit this happening place Blue Lagoon Iceland. The volcanoes, chilly winters, and the Blue Lagoon are so thrilling. One can never get bored at Blue Lagoon Iceland as there are various places for a tourist like you can enjoy delicious cuisine at restaurants, relaxing spa, boutiques etc. So be ready and explore Blue Lagoon Iceland with me. Let’s get started.

Blue Lagoon Iceland Reviews: The premium Package

The Blue Lagoon is the place which every tourist wants to visit. This place has so much to see, and after seeing the places one can experience differently, it gives us immense pleasure to visit a site like this. Here I will share my experience of Blue Lagoon with you and tell you the best options at Blue Lagoon and the suitable package. So first, we will find out that what Blue Lagoon is? Hey! that sound quite interesting. What is Blue Lagoon? Well, one can have a link by its name only. It is a place well known for its milky water. It is located in Iceland. The site of Ice and fire. You can not find this beauty anywhere else, and we can witness and adore the beauty of Blue Lagoon in Iceland only. The place is counted and listed by national geography in the top twenty-five wonder places in the world. The water at Blue Lagoon Iceland is so milky due to the significant silica content. The silica content gets accumulated beneath the water, which gives it a milky colour. This place witnesses so many volcanoes, which are breathtaking.https://www.bluelagoon.com/

  1. Book in advance – This place is quite busy and popular simultaneously, so if you plan a trip to Blue Lagoon Iceland, we need to pre-plan all our activities a few days, actually not days a few months before coming to this place. For bookings, Mapquest helps the best. 
  2. Blue Lagoon Iceland Restaurants – When we go out for Vacation, we always look around the best place to have some mouth-watering cuisines. And here I am caught in the same situation where I am searching for the best restaurants in Blue Lagoon, Iceland. Blue lagoon cafe, Blue Lagoon Lava Restaurant and Silica hotel of Iceland are among them. 

When we check in to the Silica Hotel, the ambience of the Silica Hotel gives a foggy look as I am relating this place with volcanoes. The lava rock inside the hotel makes it very different and adds beauty to its interior, and the rooms are next to it. The rooms are well set, and the room is assuring the total hygiene to us with excellent facilities. And the best part is that the beautiful Blue Lagoon is flowing just next to the door. As I opened the door, I saw the blue, Blue Lagoon. This place is very exotic, and they treat their customers very nicely.

Anybody has fresh meals and refreshments at this Lava restaurant. And the interior inside the Lava Restaurant is vibrant it makes you feel very comfortable. Here we found many people in robe actually after or before enjoying the lagoon people used to come to this place and treat themselves. My review of the premium package is that the combination of savoury treat and white robe sounds good. People in white robes enjoy meals and a scenic view f the Blue Lagoon with fog, you can see from the large glasses the menu was too good and the prices also. Blue Lagoon Cafe is where you can find refreshment varieties, snacks and drinks.

Blue Lagoon Iceland Relaxing Spa

My reviews on Blue Lagoon spa hope to help you find the best for you. As I discussed, one needs to book everything in advance, and it will save time. They will give you a wristband, which is your package’s indicator. Blue Lagoon Iceland Relaxing Spa is a beautiful and relaxing spa. And the fact is that this Iceland spa is listed in the world’s top ten spas. The world best spa is open all year. The Blue Lagoon Iceland geothermal spa and is not natural. Here we enjoy swimming in the pool. So much of a crowd here people enjoying the Blue Lagoon with their loved ones, so when you are packing for a trip, do not forget to pack your swimsuit. Before entering into the Lagoon, they will give you the robe.

Other sites to visit at Blue Lagoon Iceland

Blue Lagoon Iceland Black Beach

Many of us have seen many beaches what a colour combination of milky white sea waves on the black sand. This beach is unique and different. Why is it so? It is because the beach sand is black. And now the next question is why the sand is black? The sand is black because of the volcanic eruption at Blue Lagoon, Iceland. The place is very quaint and scenic. And what I actually saw there was a sea with fog! It gave me a view which we usually see on our screens. Not only the sand, we saw black and round pebbles also. If its a road trip then Mapquest driving directions would love to assist. And one more thing, a vast mountain is present on black sand beach. It is a vast basalt mountain.

A volcano erupts basaltic lava. When the lava cools down, the formation of rocks takes place. And you can enjoy a happening basaltic cliff. The rocks are called volcanic rocks, and the column caves have an enormous cave’s gate, which is so beautiful. When I entered the cave, I saw a ceiling formed by basaltic rocks, black basaltic rocks. At this place, the rock formation is very different and beautiful. We took so many pictures out there, and I can’t explain what I experienced, but all is that I enjoyed it a lot. Please here I want to advise you to be safe at the beaches when you are with family or alone because the sea waves here are strong and powerful. So safety is better than carelessness.

Blue Lagoon Iceland Waterfalls

On my trip to Blue Lagoon, Iceland, we visited waterfalls. The Gullfoss waterfall and the Skogafall waterfalls. The waterfalls here are beautiful. We enjoyed the water falling from high mountains. White water is falling from a height. We heard the natural sound of water, which made me feel relaxing. The Gullfoss waterfall is also known as the golden waterfall, and it is located in southwest Iceland. The water of the river Hvita is falling from this fall. And the water is falling in steps. I named it a three-step waterfall, this kind of waterfall are very rarely seen. It is prevalent and attractive among visitors. If you are lucky, you can enjoy the treat of the rainbow. The combination of rainbow and waterfall is terrific. The beauty of the waterfalls attracts you a lot here we can see too much greenery. And you want to visit it again and again.

The second waterfall we saw at Blue Lagoon Iceland is the Gljufrabui, in the north of Seljalandsfoss. It is very narrow from the outside, and when we passed through the narrow passage and entered inside, what did we see? Literally, my eyeballs become very large as it is so beautiful from the inside. These two waterfalls are just next to each other And subsequent, and I visited Seljalandsfoss. I called it a two face waterfall as you can enjoy it from the front and back. This place is full of tourists who are exactly like me as their goal and mine are the same, adore the beauty of the fall, feel relaxed, and take so many pictures.

Svartsengi Geothermal Power Station at Iceland

Iceland is also famous for its Geothermal Power Station. This Geothermal Poer Station is located near Grindavik. Grindavik is famous for the fishing industry. It is one of the first Geothermal Power Plant in the world. The main task of this power plant is to produce electricity and hot water. The most important fact from this Geothermal Plant is that nothing can get wasted. Even the heat, which gets wasted, is given to the spas of Blue Lagoons. The power plant is divided into six phases, or we can say it in six stages. And these phases are categorised as follow.

Phase one: The two turbines were constructed here in the years 1977 and 1979. These turbines are back-pressure turbines. In the olden day, the four thermal energy circuits produce fifty MW of energy and forty litres of hot water. Today only two circuits are in working condition, and these two circuits have twenty-five MW energy.  

Phase two – This was constructed in 1980, and it is efficiently producing seventy-five MW energy and two hundred and twenty-five litres of hot water.

Phase Three – This plant is very well producing electricity. The back-pressure steam turbines support the system.  

Phase Four – This power plant has seven Isopetane Ormat turbines of one point two MW. The steam is used to boil isopentane of one hundred five degrees celsius. 

Phase Five – This plant section is specially built up to meet the need for electricity and hot water. This plant is fulfilling these two needs efficiently. 

Phase Six – This plant consists of a high-pressure steam turbine with a capacity of thirty MW. The main work of this plant is to produce electricity which depends upon the usage of the hot water and electricity used by the commons. 

Eyjafjallajokull Visitor Centre

This place is very spectacular, as it is famous for its volcanoes. Their names are the Eyjafjallajökull, the Fagradalsfjall. To pronounce the name of these volcanoes is quite tricky. It seems like I am playing a tongue twister, but after pronouncing it repeatedly, I caught the write one. So, now let’s talk about volcanoes. Here in Blue Lagoon, Iceland, I visited Eyjafjallajokull Visitor Centre, Which gives you comprehensive information about the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano eruption. They portray it by pictures, and what I felt after staying there, I shared it with you. The volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupted in 2010, and The Eyjafjallajökull is one of the volcanoes covered by the ice caps of Iceland. According to the report of mapquest, In 2010 a massive explosion was an experience, and the day turned into night, the flights were cancelled. As this Eyjafjallajökull is covered with Ice, the localities get suffered from floods because of the melting Ice.

This is all about my tremendously fabulous trip to Blue Lagoon, Iceland. I shared my views with all of you hope it will help you make your trip to 5 Spots To Dwell At Blue Lagoon Iceland, an unforgettable one. Here I talked about the premium package I used, and you will find it pleasing. So, don’t wait. Plan your trip and enjoy it to the fullest. “Happy Holidays To You”. Tada!