Google Maps Driving Directions

The Google maps driving directions is one of the best and most convenient maps service provider in the universe and one of its kind of the planet earth. If we search for the driving directions, walking directions, route planner, maps, traffic finder, easiest routes, etc can be find on the maps here only. If you want to see the map of Google Maps wanted to how it works and what are its features? they are all given down below. But, first have a look on the Google maps driving directions main map of our globe and where it’s features are situated. have a look on it. 

google maps driving directions

This the map of the Google maps driving directions and its peculiarities are available at the left side of our window. You can see that there are features like map, satellite, your places, your timeline, location sharing, start driving, Google Earth, your data in maps. and many more peculiarity to use on the maps as your helping hand on your trip. You create a route to the destination you want to visit and the will automatically fetch your location through the GPS of your Mobile Phone or through the IP of your PC or Laptop. Use it once before you start planning your trip to anywhere all over the globe from your google maps home directions. Hope you’ll love the stuffs and features provided by them.

How Google maps driving directions works?​

  1. Open the official Google Maps app or visit website ( You can search through Google maps, bing maps, yahoo maps).
  2. Choose Go, it will locate your location and ask your the destination.
  3. If you want add stops you can do it by choosing Add Stop on GOOGLE MAPS.
  4. Fill the blank space with the destination.
  5. Now, Hit the start button to start you journey with Google maps driving directions with navigation.
google maps route planner

It will create a route on the map of Google maps driving directions and will find the best three paths that you can follow to reach your destination place. The best route will be the highlighted blue one and the two will be of grey color which will have little traffic or bad road conditions. It can help you from anywhere to anywhere to find the best places to visit, cheap stores, best restaurants, best hotel deals, flight booking, ATM’s, gas stations, coffee, chemist, bank and much more to do and find with it.

Plan a trip with Google maps driving directions from  Albuquerque, New Mexico to Lexington, Kentucky!

plan a trip with google maps driving directions

If you are sitting with your family, friends  or your lover and suddenly you think to plan a trip! Then which will be the best place to travel with best and beautiful places? You can know it on the Google Maps driving directions your an inch far help hand. So, if you decide to start your journey from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Lexington, Kentucky! then search them on and hit the get driving directions button to find the best routes. You use Route planner settings to avoid toll roads, highways, Seasonal roads, ferries, and other to make your journey full of enjoyment. So, if you search for this you will find that the distance between these cities is 1397 mi through Google Maps driving directions and the time needed will be 20 hours. It also shows the time needed to reach by walking is 19 days and by bicycling is 5 days. Hope you like the information. You can also use the Google Earth to view these place by google street view, which makes you feel that you are actually standing their.

Google Maps Driving Directions Route Planner
google maps driving directions route planner menu

Google maps is one of the best because of its user friendly interface which is very easy to use and it facilitates you with its hundreds of peculiarities available of the Google Maps app and website. Hope you’ll love to enjoy the using of Google Maps Driving Directions on your palm and we would always recommend you to use the Google maps to plan your with full comfort and to get it to fit in your budget. We wish you a happy and safe journey.