Kofa Wildlife National Refuge

Hey Pals, welcome to Arizona’s wildlife national refuge. We called it Kofa wildlife National refuge. Wildlife is an essential part of human lives. It maintains balance. Wildlife refugees always take steps toward saving and preserving the lives of many rare species. It gives a home and a feeling of care and loves to the animals that can’t speak.

This Kofa wildlife was established in 1939, and the main reason for the establishment was to protect a special kind of sheep specie named the desert bighorn sheep. What a fabulous cause for the establishment. I liked it. In this world, people still take care of animals, and wildlife proves that humanity is still alive. 

Kofa Wildlife National Refuge

This wildlife refuge is surrounded by above six lakh sixty-five thousand acres of land. Here we can find the shiny desert, the Kofa mountains, sloppy hills, and waterbodies. This all attracts you to come and find happiness and spread happiness.

Let's dive into the history of Kofa wildlife national refuge.

Every place has some story, so this place has some history with the stories. Russel Burnham was the man and the leading name that planned to protect the unique desert bighorn sheep, along with many others. The Arizona boy scout helped Burnham execute the plan to save the desert bighorn sheep.
There were only one hundred and fifty sheep in the mountains of Arizona. The plan’s first step was the poster competition they announced in various state schools to make a poster of saving bighorn sheep. And then, the Audubon Society and the Izaak Walton League joined the movement along with other Arizonans.
There is also a story behind the name as this was opened in the year 1939, and with this, several bighorn sheep have their home, which led to the increase in the number of bighorn sheep. Before Kofa wildlife refuge, it was known by the name Kofa game range.

And this was under the supervision and administration of the Bureau of land management and the United States fish and wildlife service, but in the year 1976, the responsibilities and authorities were handed over to the United States fish and wildlife service and then it becomes Kofa wildlife national refuge.

Directions to Kofa National Wildlife Refuge

What makes you curious to visit Kofa wildlife national refuge

Wildlife, this single word can make anyone interested, but this place bears some uniqueness in it. Camping, grilling food, and hiking make us curious to come to this place and enjoy life. Various locations attract tourists to spend more and more time at this particular wildlife refuge. We all need to spend time with nature and learn to love nature as if we do it, and green nature will love us back.
Here we can see various species like the desert tortoise, badger, kit fox, and desert bighorn sheep. We can also see distinctive bird species like the American kestrel, northern flicker, Say’s phoebe, the White-winged dove, Phainopepla, Cactus Wren, and Orange-crowned warbler.
These beautiful birds make this wildlife refuge more beautiful and colorful. So, visiting the Kofa wildlife refuge and enjoying the dawn and dusk is a beautiful idea.

How to reach Kofa wildlife national refuge

This is the most critical question of how to reach the Kofa wildlife national refuge. Why are you getting worried if you have mapquest Kofa wildlife national refuge?
You will get easy directions and routes toward the destination without facing chaotic situations. This app will help find accessible ways with zero hectics and are free, and we will have various options to select for reaching the exact location. How to use mapquest Kofa wildlife refuge.
How to reach Kofa wildlife national refuge
  1. Enter the current site.
  2. Choose the route.
  3. Reach the destination. 
With this reaching the destination becomes accessible, and chaos-free routes toward the destination save time and effort. And this doubles the enjoyment by arriving on time we can do more and more recreational activities.
Hiking needs more time and effort than it is worth enjoying, so if we waste time finding routes, how can we enjoy and perform recreational activities? So, save time and give yourself time to enjoy every moment at this wildlife refuge.

Pack your bag and keep the necessary things along with you, like water, snacks, sunscreen, hiking shoes, and mosquito repellent. Keep the dress according to the season and climate before visiting Kofa Wildlife National Refuge to enjoy every single moment of your trip. By taking care of such small things, you can make the trip enjoyable.