Mapquest Albanian Riviera

Are thinking to plan a trip to a place that is near to sea and has many beautiful beaches? Than we would love to recommend to visit the Mapquest Albanian Riviera a place filled with beaches and has a lot of scenic views. This place is located in Albanian a country in the Balkans also called “Shqiperia” and popular with its name Bregu. Its situated at the Southeastern Balkans Peninsula of Europe. 


Albanian riviera is the best place to visit for beach and sea lovers and also for the people who love to do water activities and water sports. So, Start packing your bag and take full advantage of this article telling you about the each and every corner of the albanian riviera.

How to find the Albanian Riviera on Mapquest?

MapQuest is the best map directions provider, and we use it whenever we plan our trip. We can use it while traveling everywhere around the world.

  1. Open or Mapquest App.
  2. Open Menu.
  3. Choose Driving Directions.
  4. Enter your Current Location.
  5. Enter your Destination as Albania.
  6. Click on Get Directions.
This is the easiest way to get directions to Albanian riviera. When you reach that city, you can also use MapQuest to reach the desired place easily and quickly. Now, lets head towards, which are best spots for tourists, where to eat in albania, where to stay in albanian riviera.

Best things to do in the Albanian Riviera?

Albanian riviera has a very old history and is full of archeological sights that you might love see with your naked eyes. Here you will also find extra ordinary beaches and locals and tourists all together having of there. Below I will be telling you about some top sights that you must visit on your trip to Albanian Riviera with family or friends.


Butrint National archeological park.

This place looks like an open Auditorium where a thousand of people can sit together approximately and can watch the live show. I was wondering that how the people of that would have been using this place and enjoying every moment.

The Blue Eye

This place is for the trail and biking lovers as you have to go a little out of the city and can have much fun there. like cooking food and doing some tent stuff. But be aware of the animals and insects that might can intrupt your trip. The blue eye should be avoided during the early afternoon as there are very few tourists. You can reach here by the motor boats with a very less charge. You can also buy souvenirs from the little shops and have some food their which are available there.

The Castle of Porto Palermo

This castle was built by Ali Pashe Telepene during the ottomans for his wife. This is a place where sea and history matches together, I am saying this because its a port situated castle with the sea. This place is a bit distant like needs a bit of walking but if you havent visited here in alabanian riviera then you may have left a precious part of your trip so its worth visiting on a cool day.

Hope this would help you in planning your trip to the Mapquest Albanian Riviera according. Till then we wish you a very happy and safe journey.

Most Asked Questions About Alabanian Riviera

Q. Is the Albanian Riviera expensive?
A. No Albanian Riviera is Extremely Cheap.

Q. Where is the Albanian Riviera?

A. On the southwestern coast of Albania country in the balkans from Straing from Lukove and ending in the village of Palase.

Q. What is the best city to stay in the Albanian Riviera?
A. Saranda