Mapquest City of Trogir Croatia

Are you planning a trip to somewhere with your kids, family, or with friends? But you are still deciding where you want to go! In that case I will recommend you to visit the Mapquest City of Trogir Croatia. This city is very less popular and as well as population, but the beauty of this place is mind blowing, The architecture, The amazing cathedrals, The Kamerlengo castle, The Cipiko Palace, Blue Lagoon tour from Trogir Croatia and The Old Trogir Town. I will be taking you to each and every famous place in this beautiful old small town and giving you a tour to its astonishing old building and places that you must visit in the City of trogir Croatia. 

Mapquest City of Trogir Croatia

How to find city of Trogir Croatia on Mapquest?

  1. Open the official
  2. From the menu, at the top left corner, click on DIRECTIONS.
  3. Put your current destination in the above blank.
  4. Now, type City of Trogir Croatia.
  5. Press the GET DIRECTIONS, green color button.

Here, you will be having your directions to this city or if you live far away from that place like in some other country then it will help you in finding the best and the easiest ways to reach to The City of Trogir in Croatia. This place is near to Dubrovnik and split. This city is like an island attached with bridges to Island of CIOVO and mainland in croatia. Lets start our trip with the places that are worth visiting.

Below are the Places that you must visit in Mapquest Trogir Croatia

Karmelengo Castle

Karmelengo Castle Trogir Croatia

By visiting this beautiful old castle, I felt like I was watching a movie or something because before visiting their I has only seen these type of olf castles in film and pictures that showed the old world where there were battles with the swords and the rulers were the Kings and Queens and their small army to protect their castle and family, and the sultanate.

Mikis Food

Miki's Food Trogir Croatia

After visiting this I went to Mikis Food and Bar, Where I found a Standy which had written Miki’s Breakfast in which they were providing Omellets, Bacon and eggs, Ram and cheese toast, Country Breakfast, French toast and with fruits, Healthy breakfast and Fruit Salad. I also had an eye on the notice board where it was written the Burger of the week – Crazy Shroom Burger, so this gave me the idea to give it a try. After trying the burger my mouth was filled with water by watching it getting prepared for me. They also had a second option in burgers, that was named Hedonist. But I already got filled with the first one so I ordered to pack the Hedonist for me so that I can have it in my hotel.

St. Lawrence Cathedral

St.Lawrence Cathedral Trogir Croatia

Next stop is the Cathedral of trogir known as the St.Lawrence’s Cathedral. I had enough food and drinks at the above stop and I am now heading towards the St.Lawrence, this place is 1 minute away for the miki’s when you are on the main bridge road of trogir town. Firstly, At the cathedral you will find the Statue of jesus and you will that there is something written on the pillar of the statue – “In Honorem S.Ioannis Trag. MCXI – MMXI”. Which feels like some expell from the harry potter. As you head towards right you’ll find the clock tower known as the Cipiko Palace which is too old. There are some shops Named Filigram Zlatar, Beljan foto Optika Trogin Travel, Lavender Shop, T Shirt Shop. From the first floor balcony you can have the view this old trogir city with a big croatia flag wavin. Inside the Cathedral there is a huge larger grave. This whole place is called the old Trogir Town. My visit was historic and the cathedral.

Boat Line Trogir - Medena Beach

Boat Line Trogir Croatia Medena Beach

If you love to travel on a yacht, then this place is for you. You can find a yacht, Boat, and other Boating kinds of stuff to roam in the sea of the Trogir town. It can take you to the Okrug Gornji Beach where you can have some fun there. If you tickets are having a long time to go then you can stay at time cafes available there and have some coffee, tea, breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any food of your time.

This is an one day tour for the Mapquest City of Trogir Croatia. Hope that it will help you further on your next or first visit to this amazing beautiful small town. Until then take care, And I wish a very happy journey to you trip lovers.