Mapquest Great Smoky Mountains National Park

If you guys are planning a trip to somewhere, where you can enjoy the nature and its beauty and do some hiking and trails then this time I strongly recommed you to visit the Amazing and a place which has a very different scenic views that you might find these views hardly like the one that great smoky mountains have. You can visit the Mapquest Great Smoky Mountains National Park with anyone like with your family, friends and with your loved ones.

I will be sharing my views and about my trip that what I did there and how to manage your great smoky mountains trip to this beautiful and nostalgic place that you might haven’t seen before and that’s my words. 

Mapquest great smoky mountain national park

How to find Great Smoky Mountains on Mapquest?

Firstly, I want to tell you that you must use Mapquest while planning your Trip to Great Smoky Moutains because Mapquest provides you with too many features that will help you along you trip to this gorgeous place. Below are the steps to how to take adavantage of mapquest while tripping.

You must also have the full map of Great smoky mountains national park and download it to use to while you offline in the national park. You can also print the map of park as I was a little worried that what if I am late in the park and my mobile battery also gets drained, so its a good idea that you must have a printout of the map for the trip that mapquest also provides.

Where is Mapquest Great Smoky Mountains National Park located?
  1. Open any web browser of your choice.
  2. Search for MapQuest.
  3. Open
  4. Open menu and choose Get Directions.
  5. Enter your starting point and destination.
  6. Hit the Get Directions button

That is how easy it is to find the Great Smoky Mountains on MapQuest and get the Driving Directions to here. If you are staying in the nearby city which are close to smoky mounatains then you can also you Mapquest walking directions which will show you the best routes to walk on to reach the moutains easily.

Why is Great Smoky Mountains National Park so famous?

Because its the most biodiverse park in the USA. You may find too many different types of flora and fauna, and You can also explore a variety of plants and animals. Plus, the park has natural beauty, featuring lush green forests, amazing waterfalls, and high mountains which made me feel like a wonder.

Best things to do at Mapquest Great Smoky Mountains

Why is it called Great Smoky Mountains National Park?

1. Take the best shots for your Instagram – Smoky Mountains is a picturesque place that is full of natural views and every corner in there is best for you photo background.

2. Absorb the greenery in your eyes at Cades Cove – This place is 150 years old full of old churches and homes to many old tribal people. You will find peace and a vision to see the wildlife of great smoky mountain which includes black bears and more.

3. Observe the Mountains from the Clingmans Dome – This is the highest and the tallest peak in smoky moutains which gives you a 360 degree view of the whole national park.

4. Hiking and biking at Gatlinburg Trail – This is the most famous and most used trail by the visitors of the great smoky moutains national park. This 3.7 miles long route leads you to the nearest city of smoky moutains called the Gatlinburg. Be aware of the bears.

Most asked questions about Great Smoky Mountains Nationals Park

Is Great Smoky Mountains free?

Q. Where is the Great Smoky mountain?
A. On the borders of North Carolina and Tennessee.

Q. What state is known for the Great Smoky Mountains
A. Tennessee and North Carolina.

Q. What month is best to visit Smoky Mountains?
A. Best months to visit smoky moutains are June, July, August.

Q. Why is it called Smoky Mountains
A. Because of the blue mist that floats above the Moutains.

Q. Is Great Smoky Mountains free?
A. Yes, its free and it does not charge any entrance fee.

I hope would have helped you in planning your trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I wish you a very happy and safe journey.