Don’t Miss Lava Me 2 Guitar While Traveling

Everyone loves to listen to music, as it makes you feel the trip shorter and faster while you travel in an airbus, train, bus, car, bike or any other vehicle in which you love to travel, you can do it with the lava me 2 guitar which is very easy to carry and an easy travel accessory. What if you make music while on the go? what if it makes your surrounding familiar? What if it also makes the trip shorter and faster for the people sitting near you? as you are traveling in a public vehicle. Below we will be going to also talk about how you can make some money on your journey which this amazing Lava Me 2 Guitar as it can pay you its cost back! Let us tell you about its awesome features, which any beginner can also use it to make some music. 

Lava me 2 guitar

The Features of Lave me 2 guitars and its body type.

This guitar makes you feel too different when you hold it in your hands, from the other common guitars. It is designed in a very complex way which shows its smoothness and very cosy to touch as it has a unibody which makes it the next-generation and a one-piece body guitar ever made.

1.Universal BodyIt made with all the love of the guitar industry that it the only one of its kind as its made up of a single body, which means no joints which help to create a longer sustain and fuller tone music which is pleasant to hear. Unibody also helps in improving the conductivity of the player that is very easy to handle and easy to produce good sound.

2.Design – The Lava me 2 guitar is designed in a way that it has a 30% thirty per cent larger area in comparison to other traditional soundboards which helps in creating broader and richer sounds for your listeners as it has a special position for the soundhole (increasing multiple R&D’s) which beats the traditional guitars who were serving the sounds for more than 70 seventy years of success in the guitar industry. This guitar is 36 inches long and for more information click on VIEW ON AMAZON above or below.

3.Made up of (The Material) – The marvellous guitar is made up of a new material known as “AIRSONIC” which is made by R&D organizations and is better than any other material or woods like mahogany, rosewood or spruce, which serves better performance than traditional guitars which are being used in this new decade. This material helps the guitar to produce its best tone in the coldest area as well as the hottest area constantly at -40 degree celsius lowest to 80-degree celsius highest so you can take it to Antarctica or to the Sahara desert. The neck of the Lava me 2 guitar is built very efficiently resulting much lighter guitar neck as compared to the old traditional wooden neck inspired by the structure of bridges, which helps to carry easily while on a journey. It also has seventy-four triangular interlocking structures and 3 core trusses resulting in the distribution of vibration precisely and a balanced weight which 1.7kg. 


Lava me 2 guitar while traveling

4.Colour of lava me 2 guitar – This guitar comes in 5 colours for selection like matte black (Freeboost – black), matte white (Freeboost – white), Freeboost orange, Freeboost pink, Freeboost blue and also polished white all these three colours give it a stunning look and when you carry it while you travel it will look too much premium.

5.Ideal bag 2 – The guitar bags are a very necessary item for the lovers and keepers of these archaic guitars. The ideal bag 2 is specially made for the Lava Me 2. Its interior is specially moulded for this guitar that it moves around and get fixes inside. This Ideal bag 2 is very safe and a must-have accessory.

These were the features in the amazingly built Lava Me 2 guitar. You can become a guitar artist if you have it. This one is best for YouTubers, vloggers, bloggers, street singers, rock stars, slow music producers, guitar experts, etc. You should and must have it if you are a true lover of a guitar.

Now, if we talk about the other side of this guitar, it facilitates you with three options Reverb, Chorus, Delay known as Freeboost which let you make music of another level that has not been produced ever before. These options are not available in the old companies guitars like Gibson which was the number 1, seagull, guild, Washburn, Yamaha, ovation,  Epiphone, fender etc. but after all the lava me 2 guitar is the best ever made.

How to travel with Lava me 2 guitar?

The Lava company has also built a cover known as the ideal bag 2 just for this wondrous lava me 2 which cares about its brokerage or any damage. It fits inside this perfect cover which doesn’t allow it to move around and holds it tightly. It looks so simplistic, sleek and very protective. You can carry it to anywhere you travel and take it out really quickly without any mess, Lava me 2 is absolutely the best for a traveller.

Lava me 2 guitar freeboost

Let’s talk about how it can pay its cost back to you. So, you don’t have to do anything you just need to find a very simple place where a little of the crowd is there and take out your lava me 2 guitar from the ideal bag 2. Now start playing light music and let the people stand near you to listen to your unique sounds or one that you have rehearsed before. Its no shame to do this so, Because as a traveller nobody knows you there it can be very mild and straightforward. The other way to take its cost out is, you can create videos in the best places to visit in the destination country or city you are in or search for the most popular places in that region, visit that place don’t forget to take your lava me 2 and start recording a beautiful calm, astonishing, nostalgic sounds from your guitar and post it on the social media. Hope these ideas will help you in achieving your goals, best wishes from us. If you want more on this you can kindly contact us through CU page and fill the form. Hope you will love the Lava Me 2 guitar and also recommend it to your family, friends loved ones and gift it to someone whom you love the most. Until then we wish you a very happy and safe journey.